Have u encountered any miracles? care to share?

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Jan 9, 2013
Have u encountered any miracles? care to share?


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Sep 17, 2014
Yes, at some point i thought i would not be able to graduate... but the Lord is good... all the time. And He let me-).


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Jun 13, 2015
I was debating within myself whether or not to share one of my stories.

Yes, there have been certain miraculous things happen to me. And by miraculous, I mean some pretty out of the ordinary stuff that has kept me believing.

One example is this: Two years ago, I feared I had done something that God wouldn't forgive me for. I was scared and desperate for some kind of miracle.

So one night, I was home alone and in my room with my bedroom window closed. I stood in my room and cried out as loud as I could, begging Jesus to forgive me. I cried out to him twice. Nothing but silence. As soon as I was done crying out a third time, all these fireworks started to go off somewhere in my neighborhood. They went off one after another without ceasing.

I didn't see any fireworks, but I sure heard them. And it wasn't New Years or Fourth of July. And people don't just randomly do fireworks in my neighborhood just because they can. After a moment, they stopped and it was all quiet again.

It was pretty amazing, though. I think so at least.
Apr 5, 2017
I was with my wife in the open field of our Church here in His Life Church, Pampanga. It was 5am early morning Sunday just this week on Easter. It was dark and tiny drops of rain were pouring and I was worried about everyone. There were children and diligent old people in our vicinity. I prayed to the LORD to please give us a nice weather for your people to worship you in this very important event-the most important event of Christianity-the Resurrection Day- Easter Sunday. We began praise and worship by 5am and as we were singing, I kept looking at the clouds with complete belief that God would change the weather and to my amazement, the clouds around our congegration (in the open field with chairs and a stage) were thick like rain clouds and pouring soft rain, but the miracle started... The clouds above us opened in perfect circle (I should've taken the picture, sorry) the sky on top of us was shown while the rain clouds above us moved to a perfect circle to the edge like heaven was opened. My knees trembled in awe. While the sky and the clouds kept their shape, the sun, by 6am or so, began to show itself in a round hole in the clouds like someone is looking or peeking. There I knew God was looking at us while we sing praises to Him with all our hearts.

When the sun was supposed to shine brightly with heat by 8am, as told by the weather report that day, the weather was cloudy and the coolness of the air was very comforting. The wind was so relaxing. And everyone felt awe that Christ gave us a good weather, even the pastor exclaimed of the rainbow by the mountains as the clouds gathered again on top and covered us from sun heat and bright light. While we were singing about blessings, the Lord poured soft rain again above our heads and it continued BUT STOPPED at the end of the song. Wow! And my tears went down in awe.

God said even if our faith is as small as seed, it can move mountains... For me, it didn't only move mountains, but it moved the sky, the whole sky. I have said this with complete honesty and praise in the presence of our God. How great is our God. God bless you.


P.S.: I could tell more miracles from God that happened to me. I will only tell the whole truth and God be the judge. All I want is to share the miracles God showed me, in telling me how real He truly is. Our one true God. His be glory and honor forever and ever.
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Sep 4, 2015
I think it may have been a miracle that i finally stood up to my grandmother and let her know she was the most evil person i had ever met in my life... Talk about the "members of your own household" parable.


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Mar 6, 2016
I think it may have been a miracle that i finally stood up to my grandmother and let her know she was the most evil person i had ever met in my life... Talk about the "members of your own household" parable.
Really? That doesn't seem like a miracle to me. Just seems a little mean. What would be a miracle though if after saying all that to her she'd become really good to you and forgive you for calling her the most evil person.

Anyway, my miracle is knowing the grace of God and how wonderful Jesus really is.

My most recent miracle is getting the money when I most needed it despite all odds and fear of not being able to get it on time. Truly the Lord provides!


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Apr 16, 2015
Of all the miracles of the Lord he sure could do,non surpass the miracle he did on me! To take a man who had served the devil himself for so long( 22 years) and change him in an instant, to free him from bondage both within and without,to mold his words into the wisdom of the Lord,to save his soul from peril,to use him to encourage so many,to give this man an everlasting hope always through our Jesus forever!

To change his mindset and actions,yes to love as he loved me,that is a miracle to me! What Jesus did for me was the very same as he did for the man who had legion!( mark 5:5-20!!)I did not have as many of course, nor did roam among tombs, or in the mountains,but I know I was delivered from at least 2 demonic spirts that day!And on that day the Word of the Lord came upon me and said word for word this!( Isaiah 41:9-13!!) I am a miracle of the Lord!I am always in his will now,because I always stay so very thankful!!!( 1 thess 5:18!!!!!)


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Sep 17, 2014
Thank you so much, brighthouse, for sharing that... Be transformed by the renewing of your mind...
Feb 5, 2017
I love miracles, observing miracles. To me miracles bring us a sense of God's presence. One of the miracles in my life about 10 years ago, was that I went for a job interview when I was jobless, but I didn't get the job. Over the space of a couple of years and much turbulence, I lived in a different city and got a new job, but left my job and came back to my home city (my partner at the time wanted to come back home). We fell out and split up but then I was homeless. I stayed on a friends couch, but after about a week, feeling such fear of having no job and having no home, not knowing what would come next, I received a call out of the blue from the company I had previous gone for a job interview.

The manager said, "Hi, is that Mark? I think I have the perfect job for you."

I cannot define how much of a miracle that seemed to me, in my hopelessness, with no end in sight this came out of the blue. I still work for this company, and even though I really hate it at times, I always remember to be grateful for the fact that I have a job rather than not.



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May 6, 2017
here are 2 off the top of my head but ive noticed more and probably didnt notice much more

i lost my first Bible ever before i really believed in God
i had wrote my name on it

i moved many times 100s of miles away
it was given back to me right after i became a believer over 15 years later after it passed through multiple other peoples hands

i was witnessing to people who didnt believe in God
the discussion of our names origins came up
we looked them up on the internet

1 - non believer was "born of fire"
2- non believer was "wolf"
3 - myself " friend of great wealth"

both of these gave me goose bumps


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Jun 28, 2009
My greatest miracle still (aside the fact that Im saved) is God's perfect sense of long term scheduling and planning of future.
At autumn 2004 I joined course very important to my future. (so I believed) when it was time for practical exam something strange happened. The teacher said:
"You didn't actually do anything wrong here. But I have very strong feeling that this license you are applying I should not give to you. So I'm writing this exam as fail to you."
I didn't have any position to complain and my situation was such that I couldn't retake the exam. It was literally one shot chance, And I was upset. I cried to God how this could have happened specially that I had prayed that God would be with me and guide the whole exam for best possible outcome.
One month later I started to see that I had the best possible outcome. This exam started slow but unstoppable chain reaction of things. small almost insignificant alone things that together revealed great well planned picture where I was suppose to stand on certain moment, in certain place, to speak right person right words.


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Apr 23, 2017
figured I'd start checking things in the cultural based forums,since I so happen to know many nice filipino people and a small bit of the tagalo language I thought I'd start here,My church believes that many things we overlook or take for granted each day,actually are miracles,things like,waking up today,another beautiful day,having your health,and so on,as for a story about a "miracle" I suppose the best selection would be of when someone intentionally twisted my leg til it broke when I was not even a year old yet,and despite this God kept me alive not only after this but my entire life,I have seizures I've been hurt physically many many times,and yet despite all I've encountered he has kept me alive,just to name a few as examples,I've accidentally had my elbow clash into a window to where my elbow had nearly no skin yet my cousin cleaned it up and I was fine,I've hit my head dozens of times yet seizures don't pester me more from those times,so to me everytime you "survive" any kind of physical disaster,that is a miracle in of itself,life is such a blessing and to know that God protects us despite our sometimes foolish ways is comforting!