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Sep 1, 2017
this is a fun and interesting dish. it goes back to beyond our first europian settlers. the indians would always have a pot on at their encampments , so anyone coming in to camp , or traveling through, hunters and the like could find a good hot meal at the ready. it is based on "the three sisters" corn, beans , and squash. beyond that what ever meat they had,, even pemican may be added. so there is no exact recipe,, or measurements other then some of this a bunch of that...real old style cooking,,i don't think they had measuring cups and such anyway back then. so hear goes.
pick your beans,,,,any beans. i really like baby lima beans in this one,, but navy, pinto, or what ever your local favorite is.
soak them over night as instructions dictate.
pick some squash,,, acorns( acorn squash that is,,,not the nuts)
work real well in this,, but any good flavor filled squash is fine.
some corn,,, you can never have too much corn if your from the midwest.

i prefer to make this dish in a dutch oven over my fire pit in the back yard,, but a stove works fine. i've even made it on the woodstove in our living room. its long slow and low cooking that does the trick .

start with your beans at least a bag full and a pot of water, get them simmering,,,,
mean time peel and cut your squash into cubes,,, its your squash,,,you decide how big a cube and how much,, but at least one good sized acorn.

if your using fresh cob corn, and why wouldn't you? slice the kernels off the cob being careful not to cut too close to the cob as this will create a bitter flavor in the next step. through the whole batch in there, cobs too. if your lazy,,,or cob corn isn't around when your doing this,,, a bag of frozen corn works just fine.
keep this simmering nicely,,stirring gently so you don't get scorching as often as needed.
when the beans and squash are softening pull the cobs out and toss them on the compost heap.

now the meat,,,, whatcha got?. i like to use something porkie and salty , but you could use beef, pork, venison, all sorts of options. i'll use some bacon in this one and maybe some smoked ham hock. smoked turkey drumsticks work pretty fine too. add some salt and pepper, now go back to a slow simmer while the pot does its magic. when the beans are tender,, and the meat is done, you will have a delightful hot meal all on its own. it should be a fairly thick stew like when done.
done at hunting camp,,, or a beach bonfire,,,or a camp out,, a great outdoor meal. and to feed a hungry crowd,, a pleasing pot luck bring-a-long. doesn't hurt to have some nice bread,,say home made sourdough,,to go along with it.
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Jul 27, 2016
You did not mention water or stock, which is def needed, and you did not say to cook the meat first, which I think is absolutely necessary, then when it is nearly done add the rest. ???