Bread Experiment

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Jan 16, 2021
So today I made an experiment with bread and flours and liquids.

Three batches.

1 C liquid
2½C flour
1T sugar
1t salt
1 envelope yeast.

All three were the same as far as kneading in my mixer.

But one had ½ C egg whites and ½ C warm water and used All Trumps high Gluten Bread Flour.

One used the basic recipe with an additional 1 t of lemon juice added and I used All Trumps flour.

The third was the basic recipe except I used Gold medal bread flour from the grocery store.

The results are...

The egg white was very chewy by far comparison and didn't rise as well as the other two even though I made and formed it first.

The lemon juice added loaf was indeed almost as chewy as the first one but much lighter and rose more than the egg white loaf.

The third loaf had very little in the way of chewy texture...(gold medal bread flour) seemed almost like a waste. Very starchy by comparison of the other two loaves.

All loaves were free formed into baghetts and allowed to proof with cut marks being the identifying characteristics as to which was which.

Now if I had some sort of better proof box to get more rise out of them than what I would have been a smidge better. No large tunnelling or air pockets were seen and the crumb and air holes were uniform and generally good.

Now...can you use egg whites and lemon juice to get the chewy texture out of store shelf bread flour in the Southeast?....that's a really good question. But currently my thinking is "no".