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Aug 12, 2013
Ever heard of the ice cream place that started in Canada and now making its way to the USA? They use scripture then make jokes out of it for their advertisement, such as "Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain, but G.D that's delicious!"

Their symbol, like Starbucks has a green goddess, dollar tree has a tree, Walmart has star things, McDonald's has an m, well they use an upside down cross and a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt represents Satan from scripture. They also call some of their ice cream things stuff like "Red Rapture" and have creepy pictures with kids. One of their cups says sweet Jesus between sharp teeth and looks like blood is dripping except it's black and white.

Their ice cream looks amazing, I'm from USA so I couldn't try it even if I wanted to. But I never will.

What do you think? This is an article that speaks how other Christians are offended, but nothing still has been done about it and likely won't.



Well-known member
Sep 17, 2018
I remember someone posting on this about a year ago. Its one of those things the more attention you give it the more their advertising works. Leave it alone and you don't feed it and advertise it.


Called of God
Dec 17, 2017
Vinita, Oklahoma, USA
They are, without a doubt, mocking Christianity by their names and symbols. The best way to deal with it is to ignore it and not to patronize or promote it. What goes around comes around so just stand back and let them reap what they sow. :eek: