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Years ago, I made a promise to my grandfather shortly before he lost his battle with cancer. I told him I wanted to get his old car running again. This is a 1972 Plymouth Duster. I am currently working on getting a new engine, transmission, and rear end installed.
Calibob here. Total christian, family man, recovery/rescue mission worker and GEARHEAD! I've got degenerative joint disease, so I have very little mechanical ability left and only metric tools. I have decades of years of automotive repair on the professional level as well as 17 years of tune up brake and expired California smog control inspectors licenses . I know a little about Mopar's from slant 6's to 440's and Mitsubishi powered Dodges too. I've had a 61 satellite, 2 Colts, 2 Mopar police interceptors, 2-68 383 Road Runners and a 69 440! Send me a PM any time. Mopar means MORE POWER!
That's awesome. And because it was your grandfathers car I'm sure it's very special to you!
AMEN bro...MOPAR man here myself....Had a 67 Plymouth Satellite and took a 79 Plymouth roadrunner, yanked the 318 and installed a 383 out of a 68 charger with a set of ported and polished 440 commando heads, 780 Holly on a Torker intake....a trans and rear end out of a 68 charger....had to custom build motor mounts because of k frame issues and chain the motor down hahah.....that car shook like it was in a 4.0 earthquake....the cam had like 580 lift and around 295 duration..........sounded awesome.....had dual exhaust, headers and dumped in front of both front wheels with turbo mufflers.......

Cherry that Duster will look and sound awesome migo
This is a list of what I want to do with it after I yank the existing drivetrain out.

Engine: 408 stroker with 375 HP in place of the slant 6. Going with fuel injection instead of carbs for reliability.

Transmission and rear end: 3 speed manual to be replaced with 3 speed automatic. The 3.23 gears in the rear end may be swapped out for a 3.55 gearing if needed.

Suspension and steering: Stock, but modified to handle the added power. Power steering will be added as well.

Brakes: drum brakes will be replaced by disc brakes all around. Hydraulic booster will be added as well.

Paint, body, interior: Color will remain the same, but will be repainted and any rust removed and repaired. Interior will be redone during that stage.
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