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I'm old school, we used to have to read and write cursive to graduate elementary school.
I'm happy my kids are being introduced to cursive in school. It's not overly pushed but it's enough that they are excited about it and trying to learn how to write it!:D I know of some schools that have done away with it altogether :(
We JUST had this conversation tonight! How mom and dad and GRANDPARENTS did not have computers for school, didn't spend 2 hours of a school day logged onto educational sites to learn stuff....... stumped my daughter looks at me and says "how'd you guys learn things then?" I said "Honey our backpacks were FILLED with HEAVY text books EVERYDAY. Not just one day a week" Signs of the times........
phew, I thought you were going to say you had to walk to school everyday 2 miles one way up hill in pouring rain...etc, lol

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