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    Can we discuss the definition of the word "conspiracy"?

    I believe the classical definition of the word Conspiracy is when a group of people come together in secret and make a secret plan to advance an agenda against or at the cost of other people or an individuel.. Conspiracys do happen.. Things like Insider trading of shares for corrupt personal...
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    Did you have it? Was it a false diagnosis ?
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    how I met Jesus

    Thank you for sharing your awesome testimony.. It uplifted me. (y)
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    Im Lisa

    Welcome aboard Vanilla :) And may the LORD accelerate your recovery from pneumonia..
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    Is it Biblical to marry a divorced person?

    If the person we are marrying has had a legitimate divorce supported by the Bible.. That being a divorce based on one side committing adultery.. Then yes marrying that divorce is acceptable..
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    I got covid..

    Thanks for your prayers and yes over the last 24 hours it has been mild.. Sore throat,,head ache and general weakness.. Last night i had the need to sit up in bed and breath deeply for a bit to get my oxygen levels up.. Today i did not have any feeling of lacking oxygen though i made sure that...
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    I got covid..

    Yeah it's my turn.. o_O Please pray for me that i get through this without any serious complications.. Thank you all Sisters and Brothers..
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    How does Satan keep getting unbound?

    Satan will be bound when God Angel binds him in chains and casts him into the bottomless pit.. That will happen in the future during the times of the return of Jesus.. Before that anyone who claims they are binding satan is clearly making a false claim.. Yes there are followers of God who can...
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    400 Year Cycle

    I think some in the science community who are supporters of human caused Carbon based Global warming are doing their best to downplay or discredit people who talk about the Sun cycles because they see it as a diversion or a potential attack on their CO2 caused Global warming theory.. I am sure...
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    400 Year Cycle

    There are a number of cycles where the sun and it's effect on earth are concerned.. There is an 11 years solar cycle where the suns power output goes from a High to a low.. This is indicated by The Number of Sun spots on the surface of the Sun.. More Sun Spots the hooter.. The Suns North and...
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    Does 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18 Teach Jesus Will Return With Dead Saints Now With Him In Heaven?

    The passage does not say the Saints will be coming from Heaven.. That is a word injected by people into this passage of scripture.. (1 Thessalonians 4:14-17) "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. {15} For this we say...
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    The Pope's statements on the childless

    The pope is not a Christian.. Christians should never quote him as an authority..
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    Newbie To These Forums

    Welcome to CC Seeking-Christ.. :) I hope the LORD shares truth with you and convinces you of that truth when you hear/ read it.. Oh and also you are given wisdom to know when false doctrines are being fed to you.. Be prepared for both ok.. :unsure: Well this is where i have to ask.. What is...
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    Let's end the arguments over rapture. Please ?

    Yes they start a thread called stop the rapture debating and then put forward their belief in a pre-tribulation rapture.... Putting forward that belief is initiating DEBATE.... Cause it almost forces people who don't believe in Rapture or people who do not believe in pre-trib timing to...
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    Hy from Croatia...

    Welcome aboard CC Adam.. I must say thats a very good name too Adam :giggle: Being an Adam myself i have to say that.. (y) Anyway hope you find your time here to be worthy of a Brother in the LORD Jesus..