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    I only trust meek responses, not angry ones attacking fire with fire. This kind of defensive attitude only serves to confirm the person as guilty as charged. Godspeed.
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    I’d rather hear that from oldethennew since my reply wasn't directed to you. You're behaving like bad people from thirld world countries by not respecting the autonomy and responsibility to speak for oneself. oldethennew isn't a child and you're not the mom anyways. As such, you're only...
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    I think you’re missing the point. Not sure if you’ve dated women much. It’s more enjoyable if they cook. I am not interested in cooking myself. Godspeed.
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    Lets laugh together!

    Wow! None of the things people post here are funny or even holy enough to be on this site. Aren’t you afraid of God, who’s always watching you? Thankfully, I don’t fall for senseless comedy. The Lord comes first in every part of life. If I were to joke, I’d only say jokes that the Lord, our...
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    oldethennew must be a fag. He didn’t respond.
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    Haha. Speak for yourself. I can only burn food. I don’t consider BBQ cooking. I think proper cooking is most certainly a hobby best left for women.
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    Are Mormons Christian?

    "An example that would be if someone told me they were living a same-sex lifestyle and I sit as judge and pass sentence upon them proclaiming their punishment." You're not supposed to just condemn anyone living a homosexual lifestyle, you're supposed to also pick up a stone and stone them to...
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    The Bible Verse By Verse Continued...

    Isaiah 10:17 (NET) The Light of Israel[a] will become a fire, their Holy One[b] will become a flame; it will burn and consume the Assyrian king’s[c] briers and his thorns in one day.
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    Alphabet Game

    I Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name (Immanuel).
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    Things To SAY On Your First Date

    To be honest, I don't worry about it. God decides these things, like whether we're a match or not. It's just enough of a pleasure for me to be socializing with a new person, whether it works out or not. If it's not a match decided by God, there is nothing that the woman and I could do to change...
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    Welcome and Godspeed.
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    Welcome and Godspeed.
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    Welcome and Godspeed.
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    "Hub" as in hobby or hubby as in husband? I thought you were a man!?!