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  1. Donate Loves Bacon

    Donate Loves Bacon

  2. Bacon Rules!

    Bacon Rules!

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    Bible Study anyone?
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    That's really cool. I would've thought you would need to water it or something.
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    My two beautiful grand babies!
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    Time scale of update?

    Are you on the computer or on the phone blue?
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    This was my husband’s 50th birthday present! I turned a storage room into a beautiful porch.
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    Another view of the back porch.
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    Time scale of update?

    I know updates are frustrating because we have become so accustomed to the way things are. But the new app and site are going to be amazing with much more capability than what we had before. However, it is going to take some time to peruse the new features, so I encourage you to be patient as...
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    For those who look down on teen moms....

    Okay, so I'm not sure exactly where this thread belongs. I posted it in the Women's forum, but after a conversation tonight in the lounge, I felt the need to share it openly......for men and women to read. Here goes........... This will be a long read, but I hope you find it worth your time. I...
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    Pulling Plug on mrsouthside's Sister

    Dear fellow CC members: I just received a text message and phone call from the chatter, mrsouthside. His sister has had another seizure and the neurologists said she's not coming out of this one. They plan to take her off of life support tonight. Please lift him and his family up for peace and...
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    Comparing Sin

    This has always been sort of a pet peeve for me. As humans, we tend to see other people's sin as worse than ours and judge them according to our faulty reasoning. However, someone came up with a comparison that I thought was brilliant. I wanted to share and get your opinion on it. Sin is like...
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    Tips for Jesus Leaves Record $11,000 Tip in ArizonaAmanda Casanova | Religion Today Contributing Writer | Monday, January 05, 2015 TIPS FOR JESUS LEAVES RECORD $11,000 TIP IN ARIZONA 0 Comments Print Email #social media #Money #top headlines #Tips for Jesus #arizona...
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    Is CC Down?

    My computer isn't loading the chatroom, so I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?