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    Prayer for stress management

    Hello, I have a very important test this Saturday, and I've been putting a lot of effort into it, it's a competition and it's my last chance, doing well on that test would mean lot to me, my school community and my relationship with God. I would appreciate it if you could pray for me to handle...
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    right person & protection

    Praying for you! May the will of the Lord be done.
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    After more than a year without hearing anything from one of my friends, we are in touch again, but none of us like the direction our friendship is going, and as most of our conversations are online, we haven't communicated in a while, and I don't know if I should give him space or talk to him...
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    Advice on discovering myself

    So, my school year just finished and now that I'm having so much time to spend thinking the thoughts that I usually like to avoid, I noticed that my teen years is the time to discover my passions, set out the bases for my relationship with God, discover new things about me, try and shape myself...
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    Prayer for a friend in loss

    I would like to ask you to pray for my friend, Giuliana, who's now going to her house knowing that her stepfather won't survive the night. Please pray that God will give her peace, and that many of her struggles will be temprary. Also, please pray that she will turn to God to heal her, thank you.
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    Sister in sin

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you to pray for my sister, she's completely lost, she doesn't know God and she's blinded by sin and the worldly lifestyle she embraces. I'm trying to be a light for her, to show her the love and mercy of God, but I don't know if it helps. I would really...
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    How do you stay close to God?

    Hi! I've been stuggling to put God first in my life, although I'm trying, and this has led me to feel away from God, which is not a good thing right now. I know that faith has nothing to do with "feeling close to God", but I think being close to Him is incredibly important. I can't go to church...
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    Prayer for a friend

    Hello everyone, I would normally pray alone but I feel like God isn't listening now, I'm completely hurt and need a lot of help. I used to have depression (I'm trying to get better now) and when things went bad, really bad, I knew that I could count on my friend, but there was this time when I...
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    Broken friendship

    Hello, to be honest, I feel a little bit selfish asking for this, but I'll be more than grateful if you pray for my broken friendship with L, he's been really distant lately and I really do want to talk to him again, he have helped me a lot and he's the one who introduced me to Christianity. I...
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    Prayer request for my friend

    This is a really long story, but to be short, I want to say that my friend (15 year old girl) is really lost and she won't listening to anyone because "it's her life". She have been dating a 22 year old, if that wasn't dangerous enough due to the age difference, this guy has a girlfriend and...