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    Young adults

    Seems 18 is the beginning point for most, not going to complain it means I'm just beginning to be seen as a young adult aha
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    Looking for Christian friends

    Hope you can find them! Plenty of young believers here!
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    Donald Trump?

    Well, I'm from the UK, so I didn't have a say either way. However, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, my choice is pretty clearly going to be Donald Trump. Of course, I want a man of God in office, and I pray for that, but between the options I went with the one who would slow the tide of...
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    Looking for friends

    I pray you meet new friends here and can grow in God! God bless!
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    New here

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    What's the dumbest/ silliest thing you believed as a child?

    My parents convinced me (Like a lot of other kids) that turning the light on in the back of the car was illegal lol
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    Anyone from England on here?

    Aye aye
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    Country-Western, Gospel, Folk and Bluegrass Worship music!

    This is a place for those among us who enjoy the genres above and those related to it to post worship music, I'll start!
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    Scared to bring up you’re a Christian

    I wouldn't say I live in a rough area, but it's not a nice area either, neither is my college that I study at. Though everyone at my work, on my street, in my college and even at the apiary (Bee farm) knows I'm a believer. I only got saved last year, but living a changed life sticks out to...
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    I never want children so men don't want me

    People just want different things in life, you just need to find somebody going the same place as you, and there are plenty! Above all don't lose sight of God, keep the main thing the main thing. Prayer is a powerful weapon, a free one too! It's important to be cautious of the enemy as well...
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    God’s grace and christian friends

    Welcome to the family!
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    You are not defined by Yesterdays Failures

    I thank God for that! We are not defined by our failure and sin, but by His sacrifice and grace!
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    What's are the "don'ts" of a first date?

    Don't bring up past relationships, especially for no necessary reason! If the first thing a woman tells me on a first date is about another man she was romantically interested in, at best it shows she's still thinking about that person, even if only to tell a joke. At the worst, it tells me...
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    Opposites Attract

    Well, it depends I suppose. I think for example with a lot of successful couples, one fills the role the other can't and vise versa. For example, maybe a pastor is terrible at sorting out rota's and admin work, but his wife is extremely gifted in it. In that case, yes! God can use those to bring...
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    Share something slightly embarrassing about yourself.

    Well, if it's only A LITTLE embarrassing, I suppose I don't need to go for the REALLY embarrassing ones :ROFL: Every time I go hiking and I reach a spot high up where I can see no one, I scream "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW"...