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    Antinomianism is a False Doctrine

    Many Christian websites try to tell us that Christians are to observe the law of Moses even though Scripture tells us differently. The New Testament over and over tells us we are not under law but under grace. We Christians are under the law of Christ. So many doubt that Christ is able to govern...
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    Anyone need prayer? I have seen miracles happen because of prayer. If need be pm me.

    What I stated above is very true. If you dont want to post it you can send me a private message if want to. God bless.
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    Throwback Photos!

    My sister left some old photos here I have not seen in a decade or so. If get carried away in sharing please just let me know.
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    Throwback Photos!

    Don't feel bad shineyourlight this was my favorite shirt in first grade
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    Throwback Photos!

    I have noticed I still have the same smile
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    im not a conspiracy theorists and i love my enemies but did Obama claim to be God?

    I saw a video of Obama claiming to be God. He did it subtly as if he was reading scriptures, but I don't think they were actual scriptures. Repent and be ready to meet the Lord in the air no matter how the rapture actually occurs.
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    Knowing that you were not redeamed with perishable things such as silver or gold

    When Christ washed the disciples feet he said those who are clean only need their feet washed. I have learned that in order to mediate on things above, if I have to limit myself to watching do it yourself videos such as how to fix cars etc as my only source of recreational relaxing entertainment...