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    Girlie: Handbag / Perfume / make up / etc thread

    Nothin wrong with looking regal, upgrades on lanolins because it was basically a coin purse lol.
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    Online long distance relationships - the pros and cons

    Well it is what it is now, once somethings out there it's pretty much established. Im neutral so im not taking sides, supporting or going against, i just see what i see because ive seen and been there before. People will always have opinions though, i had a guy tell me i wasn't christian because...
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    Girlie: Handbag / Perfume / make up / etc thread

    I wonder who these belong to lol
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    Prayer Location

    I often walk and pace back and forth but when listening i will sit or stand still saying nothing while being completely open and just agreeing.
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    Online long distance relationships - the pros and cons

    Yeah i was actually going to post on this a week ago but i figured it would resolve itself in time, that plus i didn't want to contribute to any of the negativity. Im glad you feel peace now, you never really truly can appreciate what you have till it's gone or until you realize that someone...
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    What’s the thought going through your head?

    Wondering now if anyone has ever been killed with a candy cane, they can get pretty sharp.
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    Politely saying 'no'

    I wouldn't say everyone who keeps asking is a stalker because some people are just persistent. I know for me i would usually refer a friend who i know is single and looking for a date to that person. To be honest it works out great, it keeps them away from me and gives them both something to do.
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    Personal questions

    I just tell them because i really don't care how they react, if i wanted to be married and in a relatiobship id have had it by now. I know some people have tried to make me feel bad about not being married but im looking at a lot of them who tell me these things and they aren't happy, life for...
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    Anyone else cant get friends?

    I got lots of friends just look at Lynx and Cinder over there. When i came into this thread Lynx was like "oh my gerd its G00WZ my main man!, my life is totally complete now". As for Cinder she fainted but now that shes back up again her reaction is something like this even though she will 100%...
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    Late 30s still single

    If you're able to imagine yourself being married no it's not too late. I know my uncle who is in his 70s, he was recently married. It really has to do with what you believe and not so much on logic because i have seen people with perfect conditions self sabotage over trivial stuff.
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    Stress Relief in a Difficult Situation

    I would tell her to continue to do what she normally does and to imagine the sun rise just as she does while thanking God that He has caused it to be. What im saying sounds stupid i know but i have literally experienced God literally bending reality just to prove true what i had faith in Him for...
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    What do you think of the Mormons

    Im against inconvenience and nah i don't mind them wearing shreddies but if they're going around cracking off deep rooted farts like this guy just did in their all white underwear id be a bit concerned.
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    What do you think of the Mormons

    Im willing to overlook all of their beliefs except for the special underwear.
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    I really don't like to talk about it much but i have heard the audible voice of God just once and i can say this, when He speaks everything else went silent. It's kindof hard to explain how things sound extremely loud when a voice just starts speaking from out of nothing and when i say nothing i...
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    Anxious thoughts

    What a thing imagines like within me deserves my outward reaction, what a thing looks or acts like in the natural outwardly of its own will gets no reaction or validation. For a normal person how a thing imagines within them is both irrelevant and valueless because the image or what it looks and...