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    Congratulation to President elect Joe Biden

    Guess i'll be biden my time until we get a real president again.
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    Warning about eBay

    That's 1 of the main reasons why i don't mess around with buying from ebay with expensive stuff. At least with amazon i can give them specific instructions on a 1 day shipping while watching them like a hawk as they pull up to drop packages off. Believe it or not some of the people shipping...
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    If they died in snow, they could have come from drinking water from somewhere else and all urinated in the snow. Because they are in the mountains it all could have just froze while they were standing around in it causing them to get stuck and die. that's my last guess lol.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    The guy asking is drunk and thinks hes seeing 200 dead moose, but in reality it's probably just dead trees/wood.The snow mobile dude tells the other guy that he is drunk in response to his question about the dead moose while he just came there to haul some of the wood for fire wood im guessing...
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    The awkward moment when....

    That awkward moment when someone randomly says "i love you" to you, and you respond with "congratulations."
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    A Little Beta Fish in a Big Alpha Pond. How Well Do You Go With the Flow of Yours?

    Dunno, i don't try to blend into groups of people but i do know how to relate to a lot of people individually very easily. I always just lived however i wanted regardless of consequences. As a kid i would get punished a lot for saying what i thought or for just being flat out defiant. The thing...
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    Can Things Like ASMR Videos Become Emotional Porn? And What Effect Will That Have on the Younger Generations?

    I saw a video where this dude apparently caught an STD from one that he bought. It's kinda funny because when he bought it, it came with a little rose in the box to let you know that it's a "virgin", but apparently someone had gotten to it before he did.
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    How important is it to be right?

    I don't really care to argue or to win arguments while trying to prove points. There are more relevant/profitable things for me to do in life, also there are some who just like to hear themselves talk. Let them. The best argument you can give to the self important is indifference.
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    Has God Every Asked You to Do Something "Crazy"

    Well just as long as your both cool with it, i wasn't there so i can't judge anyways. And i get it, i have many friends like that, some i can only talk money, business and cars or whatever but its just limited to those conversation topics. Different people for different topics i guess, not...
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    Has God Every Asked You to Do Something "Crazy"

    A lot of people choose to go the divorce route because it's easy. It's easy to give up when things don't go as planned. The thing about living an easy mode/ give up all the time life is you don't really mature,learn or grow in faith. Those are the ways of the world though, but with God's way is...
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    Has God Every Asked You to Do Something "Crazy"

    What i would say is to find out what you want first. After you know what you want pray and agree that it is Gods will for you to have that thing. Then you go after it with the mindset that it is already established for you. You will be working from your goal not to it, if that makes any sense...
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    Any fellow gamers here?

    I play Oldschool Runescape sometimes but that's about it.
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    So I bought these pants .............................................

    At least they aren't spandex with the word "juicy" on the butt.