Just a regular guy waiting here for my Lord to return or send for me.
In the meantime, I work very hard but living a quiet life doing something useful with my hands that I may have something to share with those who are less fortunate just as it is good and pleasing to the Lord.
I'm very caring and approachable and I love to laugh but I'm finding it harder and harder to laugh about anything anymore because of the pain and suffering of so many in the world.
What else? I used to love playing sports (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball...) but I don't anymore, no time although I do look forward to swimming in our community pool sometimes... But now with the little time I have available I spend in the Word, yes I just love the Word of God and eager to be with him forever!
Marital Status
Spiritual Status
When saved
2005, though I grew up in a Christian family going to church regularly.
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
Pennsylvania [USA]
Favorite Bible Verse
The Lord is my shepperd, I lack nothing. (Psalms 23 v1)
More about me... Ok I love different languages and so I can get by in French, not so much in Spanish anymore but I can still read and write Spanish. I'm currently trying to learn Hebrew but again I don't have enough time :(
I'm a registered Independent (Political affiliation)… As a child of the Most High God, I look to be just and fair and impartial in everything, I do not give in to ideology or preconceived ideas but I test everything with the Word of Truth :o
What else... I love cheesecake :D


"Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord!" Also, "As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone!"


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