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  • No amount of Bible studies and Bible readings will change you as long as you maintain the self righteousness in your personality. you must always believe that you are not better person than anyone else because you belong to a generation led by Satan as mentioned in this verse:

    Proverbs 30:12 There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, Yet is not washed from its filthiness.
    Matthew 23:33: D Brood of vipers
    It is not enough to read the Bible. make sure that you can recite by heart all the verses you need to know in order to help fight your infirmities and past wickedness you did in your past life. but always read the Bible even one Chapter per day only because you must feed your body spiritual food in order to stay righteous and wise during the days of your life.
    I wonder if my Western Christian brethren mostly from progressive countries will still love their country or perhaps the citizenship of their country if it is politically divided, rampant of illegal drugs and crimes, rampant of political corruptions, and most of citizens are undisciplined and venal who vote for crooked politicians after accepting cash gifts during elections.
    Christian Chat is like my home in the cyberspace where I am corresponding with my Christian brethren from all different groups. I really feel like home at CC. Thank God I saw this site thanks!
    The technique to be humble is always remember that what you have is not yours but from God (1 Cor. 4:7) and always believe that your brother is better than you (Philippians 4:3) The reward for humility is riches, honor and life in Proverbs 22:4 (including eternal life as mentioned in Matthew 5:3)
    Never sin again or something worse might happen to you as Jesus said in John Chapter 5 verse 14.

    Put Words of God in the Bible in order not so commit sin (Psalms 119:11)

    So Always read, study and live by the Words of God from the Bible and riches, honor, long life and eternal life will be your rewards.
    I love my country because it is blessed with abundant natural resources, beautiful beaches for recreation and good foods but I will never be proud being a citizen of my country because most of my compatriots are ungodly people who don't follow evens simple road laws and willing to vote for corrupt politicians after accepting their bribes. no wonder why God will never permit my country to experience economic progress.
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