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  • Were all hurting because of the man that was murdered by A police, but looting is not the answer. We must come together and do what we can legally to get some laws changed so this doesn't ever happen again.
    God said many will fall because of hard times.God
    causes us to stand firm in him, not man. Do what you
    need to keep yourself walking by the Holy Spirit. We
    have been given instructions for A successful life
    blessed are those who listen.
    God gives strength and boldness! Our hope is in him.
    The Lord's glow is on the face of those he dwell in.
    Serving God is better than anything and his reward is life!
    You don't have to follow the crowd, there is A new way of life in Jesus Christ. We should never be made to feel bound. God gives us peace in the midst of pain and those who live for Jesus will prosper.
    Let's continue to pray for everyone we all need prayer. I'm praying for our continued strength in God, good health and help as needed.
    This year has been the hardest for many, but because God is with us we persevere.
    God we thank you for this day. We
    pray forgiveness to those who need
    it. Lord Jesus you are beautiful.God is
    our giver of life! he has crushed Satan for us.
    May wisdom grow in the baby saints. Please cause
    A great growth in righteousness. God we thank you
    for grace and mercy in our Lord Jesus name
    Praise the Lord saints! what A mighty God we serve.
    Lord thank you for filling us with the Holy Ghost. We have so many blessings because of your grace and love. Thank you for teaching us maturity and sacrifice. We gladly obey you. We love how your words fight for us. Satan can't touch those who belong to God.
    Thank you God for placing your beautiful kingdom inside us.
    Understanding the fullness of life: The fullness of life is when we are doing what God created us to do. Of course, we have other jobs as well, but our main focus is to please the Lord.
    Lord we thank you for the beauty of glory on us. It's A look and those who have it know what I'm saying. You might be A little stressed but it does not show because the Lord is before us and his presence is what people see when they approach the saints of God.Shout,dance,stomp, loving God and people is better than anything!
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