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    Are the pagan deities 'real'?

    I'm god more often in my mind than I should be(like every time I think I am)... I definitely think people think I should be their god... well... bust because I am god more often in my mind than I should.... Why shouldn't everyone else think I'm god or at least a dimy-god.... I mean.... I am...
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    Who has the utmost authority?

    As the body of God I get why you think we should have the authority but we as a whole don't believe in all 66 Books as the Word of God only the NT. If 1/2 the Church believes 1/2 the Bible how can there be any power? (Not 1/2 exactly but you get the idea).
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    Exposing!! The Corrupt Counterfeit (NIV) Bible, Verses That Have Been Tamped With!!

    What does that mean? Your response was" old" I guess I am not able too keep up with you ... What does strawman mean?
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    Exposing!! The Corrupt Counterfeit (NIV) Bible, Verses That Have Been Tamped With!!

    I "know" Paul spoke and wrote in King Jimmy instead of the coinay Greek of his day, when exactly did King Jimmy become the only translation?
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    What if we can't go to heaven?

    Any one who accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior .... Meaning I am a sinner against you are saved and go to heaven. Deny you ta sinner against God and you can get your self to heaven instead of humble yourself self in your heart and deny Jesus you go to hell. Everyone can go to heaven but not...
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    The better Socialist....

    But they are right maybe Canada is needed!
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    Must You Know Torah to Know God?

    The way to know is to know the old testament
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    Must You Know Torah to Know God?

    How do you know Jesus is the Messiah if you do not what makes Him Messiah?
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    Must You Know Torah to Know God?

    How do you bring a Jew to Messiah than, unless you don't?.... (religious Jew and I say you probably have not....) I respect your post until now!!!
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    I do not want to miss this opportunity to say thank you for your service.... My uncle was in the Korean War. It is sad it took him over 20 years, maybe 30, to get his VA benefits right... he suffered greatly after.... alcoholism, loss of family, night terrors.... He shot the big cannon guns...
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    When the Man comes around

    Johnny Cash has always been GREAT! But he never got his credit after he got saved. My favorite song is Ain't no grave.
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    The new symbol of wealth!

    I have about 400 coffee filters, you can wet them, even put a dab of lotion.... if the occasion calls for.... I'll sell them $1.00 per filter.... even though it cost me .99 for 400... so if you cannot buy 1,000,000 rolls of TP I'm here for you..... Lotation for sale too but
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    I'm 6' 5" over 300lb. I wish I had a flat chest but after I see a plastic surgeon I won't have man "boobs" any more.... I haven't yet seen an explanation for this yet either except logic I'm "fat"
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    A New Look At Prophecy And Creation

    Where did you get this crap? Not the Bible? Unless you call God wrong who with His own finger wrote "In 6 days I created the heavens and the Earth and on the 7th I rested so it is a Sabbath o us.... " and unless Jesus lied whom said.... "You believe in the prophets, believe also in Me"...
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    Must You Know Torah to Know God?

    Why is Jesus the Messiah? Why did Jesus die on the cross? Why was He not hung or beheaded? What did the blood and cross fulfill? Why did He heal people of leprosy? Why did He quote Isaiah? Why was He born of Mary and not someone from another Tribe? Why did He not defend Himself when He was on...