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    Random game.

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    Five-Fold (or Four-Fold) Ministry

    As far as prophets go, there are no prophets here as of this day, and why would there be a need for prophets, as Jesus gave us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit once we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, why would there be a need for prophets when WE are to be the once preaching and proclaiming...
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    Random game.

    Tom Hanks
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    Makes you think......

    Smoking was definitely something everyone "just did", and I would have to say that moving forward now, it would be things like chewing tobacco, that is becoming more and more common in schools and so is saying the national anthem without the words, "Under God". This is dangerous what is being...
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    Trumps success

    Pretty obvious that the Left want the power, just as Satan felt his throne should be above God' I am in now way shape or form saying Trump is comparative to God, there is no comparison, but the stories line up. If we turn our country over to the hands of a Leftist, then it's game, set...
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    Is God masculine or feminine?

    Every verse of scripture that refers to God, even from His son Jesus, has referred to him as Father, not Mother. But we worship an all powerful and mighty Heavenly Father, and he can choose to be whomever and whatever he desires.....remember one time he did possess a donkey to talk to...
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    Being a woman is not all bad

    Only have one question....why do some women drive men crazy? :unsure:
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    There are a few on the outskirts, which is where I live, but in all honesty, with the number of people populating Huntsville, i would say the demographic is definitely different, I've met more Democratic folks than I have conservative people.
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    Nope, I'm from Huntsville, modern, yes, young, yes, but I figured you might throw the whole, sexism card out at me. All I said was that it shames me you consider yourself an Alabamian, because most Alabamians have conservative views, BUT, I suppose there are the others that have Democratic...
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    Actually I am a well educated 30 year old man, I will have you know. But hey, you throw an insult at me, I throw one right back, and I do not care that you are a woman either. :)
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    Sounds like somebody is judgmental....maybe you shouldn't smile so much, because people around here can't figure out whether to laugh or kick a field goal at you :LOL:
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    Dropping by to say hi :D

    Dropping by to say hi :D
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    Congratulations, you sound like a combative snarky broad
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    Kavanaugh Debacle

    Kinda shameful you consider yourself an Alabamian :cautious:
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    Immigration Invasion

    I believe that as a nation, this could be a pivotal moment for us. Trump is showing that most of us won't take crap from other countries....this country has prevailed (with God's help) through more than 13 different wars and conflicts, and we grew stronger through each of them. If we don't stand...