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    New to ChristianChat and the Filipino Christian Forum...

    I can't really think of a super safe way to penpal these days. Safe enough if you don't live alone and can afford a private mailbox at a local postal facility though. I'd recommend that. I don't fit the criteria but penpaling is a pretty cool thing and so few people do it. I pray for safety...
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    Is the God of the NT the same God as the God of the OT?

    Well wrath is definitely a thing in both the new and old covenants. Wrath + vengeance = justice?
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    Am I The Oldest Member On This Forum?

    Well have you tried watching a symphony of a half remembered song with no volume to see what the mind creates? It amazes me personally what fills in with reasonable accuracy. Typically I'd have to be pretty tired and experiencing some delirium from sleep deprivation, or white noise in addition...
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    Which One?

    What do you mean by keep with you? I find it odd to consider parting with any scripture. Too open ended of a hypothetical. Certainly in some of my hardest moments I may cling to a particular verse but this varies. Romans 8:28 comes up a lot in my life. Recently it came up twice as I was...
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    Am I The Oldest Member On This Forum?

    I have a suggestion that you might try out @Lon1934 It is random but when I considered your hearing loss... Can you read sheet music or learn? I have the ability to "hear" music without it being actually played. Reading song lyrics for example. Or a statement that someone made or a thought...
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    New feature getting on my nerves..

    It is finally disabled for my account which I very much appreciate. PM route was successful :)
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    Thanks for that. Reading this thread with that at the end is having a pleasing effect on me. @watchman333 ignorance of some things there is no excuse...specificity that only the Lord possesses most certainly is excusable. I don't focus on dates myself...I've tried to figure it out but...
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    I’m single and not really digging it.

    "I prune a lot". Don't you mean to say as the vinedresser he prunes you? Certainly we can "weed" and practice good stewardship but there are limits I have found. That's the child-like element that sort of imposes humility by default. Right now I'm imagining falling a mud puddle and cleaning off...
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    Back pain.

    Hey thanks everyone. @StrugglingTilMyReward I'll keep that in view. I'm going to have to focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding so that doesn't happen again as easily. If only I could @everyone in a thread...would be nice. It was a rough ride, but about wednesday I was able to get...
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    Back pain.

    I'm going to have to lay back down. thanks for the help. I'll try getting into a sitting position if I can.
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    Back pain.

    yeah I've just had someone to help me with ice packs...I violated this and slept with it on, which allowed me to get up for about 30 mins to set up for bed rest. I had read that alcohol was helpful but it only seems to help for the duration of it being in system....and then I seem worse off. Not...
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    A Heartfelt Letter From Your Pastor

    Is this a satire?
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    Back pain.

    I was helping out with some dishes and apparently that put undue strain on my back. It started out as just strain, but now is in full blown spasm mode (lower back) It has been harrowing and I have prayed about it for sure, but additional support would be nice. I can't afford to go to the...
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    Is conspiracy, 'Mark of the Beast,' an unhealthy obsession for Christians?

    What does voluntary even mean? Consider the youth in proverbs 7 and begin with verse 5. Is he at fault here? But...but I didn't know! I didn't do it on purpose...and to some that would look like "extenuating circumstances" in today's world. Joseph ran though when confronted by this. I...
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    Genesis 19:8 - Lot offering his daughters

    Consider that this was under duress. Since you didn't provide any potential conclusions, I find this a helpful track. Either way it didn't occur.