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    What should churches be doing within their communities?

    Good post/questions.. - Especially question #7. ---- Membership/more members is important in many churches. - It means..'more revenue, status, recognition, etc..' * I did 'membership check'(annual evaluation) one of the churches. I was involved in several churches.. from 1970's. -...
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to CC. --- I like your coffee mug... Blessings,
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    Speak Your Mind.

    'Rise Again' - One of my favorite songs. --- Good morning, CC coffee/tea drinkers. 5:43 am East Coast in US. ---- Having my first cup of coffee..
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    Preachers and weight

    I remember.. a young preacher. - He was overweight.. --- He went through 'weight-loss surgery.' - It worked.. --- But his 'problems/main issues' in the church.. continued/did not change! - People still did not like his preaching, etc..
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    Healing , Peace, & protection

    More of His healing/restoration power, peace & protection to you..
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    Speak Your Mind.

    5:08 am East Coast in US. --- Having Easter morning coffee.. --- More of His power of resurrection to you. Blessings,
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    Does prophecy necessarily mean to tell the future?

    Welcome to CC. --- Nowadays..many people claim that they are prophets. - Having a gift of prophecy is not being a prophet. More 'spiritual discernment/discerning spirits' are needed.. - Concerning 'prophecies & prophets'
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Rain & windy weather.. yesterday. East Coast in U.S.
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    Speak Your Mind.

    It seems...not much interest about 'coffee'.. on other Christian Forums. They do not have threads like this.. --- Maybe..Ruby, Gandy & PR can help those Forums. - On 'coffee drinking..' Lol. Blessings, * I am on several Christian Forums.
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    New here Howdy

    Welcome to CC. --- More of His grace and power to you.. Blessings,
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    New here, anxious and depressed

    Welcome to CC. --- More of His grace and power to you.. - In the midst of challenging/difficult time.
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    Good post. --- You mentioned.. 'Self Study Bible Course' - Derek Prince Excellent 'basic/foundational' study course.
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    You said, "When I was a new believer.. Christian radio was very helpful." - I agree. It helped me..during the early days of spiritual journey. - 1970's As you mentioned, many teaching programs are 'available on the internet..24/7' nowadays. --- Elizabeth Elliot - Reminds..the book. 'Through...
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    God's Man in the Pulpit

    Good post.. - Quote/passage from A.W. Tozer -- "He will contradict, denounce..and will earn the hatred and opposition of a large segment of Christendom." - I agree.
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    Speak Your Mind.

    You are in Philippines..? --- How is the weather? - Today is the first day of 'spring season' US.