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    What planet are you from?

    Ya mean the Immodium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator?
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    Interesting, since the IKA's headquarters is in Dawson Springs, KY. As for if the Gov't SHOULD own patents, yes, but it's a rather big legal thing. The thing is they CAN own them, and do. As for weed specifically, seems to me there is some...
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    Mass Shootings

    Terrorism was around LONG before the "intelligence community", and it's not at all a lie, though it IS sensationalized. Hmm, joined yesterday and already banned, huh.
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    Speaking of orbs, heard the latest about Roy Orbison? He's dead. So is this subject. But I still love the entertainment value on cold wintery rainy nights.;)
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    And round.
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    So THAT'S what keeps us from crashing into the moon.
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    Forget it, Waggles, you are giving facts, which to them is not a basis on which to make an honest argument.
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    Nazis religion

    They all came from Abraham. They are a race as defined by science and other technical stuff. Learn more about it at the old testament of just about any bible you pick up.
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    The Longest Running Scam In Human History

    US Gov't holds it and gives you NO interest, then tells you they're doing you a favor if they "give" you some of it back.
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    Interesting thing I have noticed on modern social media.

    You DON'T have to accept their morals. Current laws simply strive to give them a fair shake at life, and sets a certain legal standard for EVERYone, and that is what I think scripture says you should accept, as far as how THEY live. I may be wrong there about scripture, I can't find it right...
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    Has Anyone Been Visited?

    When I was a kid we had somethings visit us every summer claiming relativity, but I don't really know what planet they were from. One of them made great Tollhouse cookies, though.
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    No. He said he would get Mexico to pay for it, and if I could I'd hold him to that. But they won't, and he can't make them (legally), so it's same ol' same ol'.
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    #1...You have to catch them first. #2...You ARE a Christian, right? #3...They won't go for it. Remember the Alamo. #4...I thought that's what NAFTA was supposed to do.