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    depression advice

    Seeing her reaction I think it went away xD
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    depression advice

    Yeah! And tel, your doctor about it too so it can be prescribed. I think it’s better prescribed.
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    depression advice

    Yes. I told this to my therapist and she seemed ok with it. So I take pain killers like ibuprofen 600mg. Because I consider any pain as PAIN. And it works. Idk what i’d do without it.
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    Hillary for 2020

    10$ whoever runs to the store to get me a donut 🍩
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    Comment by 'Pumpkinspice' in media '381B9E7D-A5EE-42A9-8069-F6400D8AFBFD.jpeg'

    Thankyou. These notes are from InTouch ministries by Charles Stanley on the radio. A lot of people claim he’s baptist but he doesn’t think baptist is the only way through heaven.
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    Hillary for 2020

    Detach detach
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    A Deeper Walk-Deliverance

    Thanks for the thought.
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    Newbie me

    Hi Hannah welcome!
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    Feel like I am leaving the world

    I am glad you’re better now. ☺️
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    Feel like I am leaving the world

    I’ll pray for you 🙏😉
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    Download link for Christian Chat app for Android

    Oh no I need to get myself some android phone now =p
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    Everything pumpkin

    Geesh thanks for the love and appreciation 🥰🥰🥰🥰
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