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    The church has torn my husband and I apart

    Your faith is more Importend. Jesus said, that our faith(our following him) is more important than all family obligations, that regrettable Includes once husband.
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    Man assaults kid over Anthem updated story

    Small question: why is it importend, what excuse the man used for him fracturing a child’s scull ( thank god only temporarily and fixable in a hospital)
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    When family do not want to reconcile

    Well it is difficult but it seems to me, you want them to agree to your way of contact. They won’t, because they are not conftable with that. You do not want, the level of contact they are comftable with. But in the end that is all there is at the moment, so look into yourself, do you want to...
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    good new year 2019

    dear lord, give us all your wisdom and grace in the new year 2019. be with us always . amen
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    for healing, thanks
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    for the health of a baby

    Hi, I saw a nodding aquantaince today and she had a new baby :) Congratulations and all the blessings for this new person. sandtigeress, a little jealous but also very happy for the new mother
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    news that never gets old

    For this is the most imported news since 2000 years: Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped...
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    happy easter

    the lord has risen :D thank you lord for being our lord ! thank you for your sacrifice ! thank you lord , for being in our lives ! thank you lord !!! :D halleluja !! amen happy easter to all of you !!!
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    missing person

    Hi, there is a 79 year old woman missing in the village next to ours (she went out and did not return. Please help pray that she will be found soon. It is very cold this night.
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    For a new year full of god

    Dear Lord, thank you for you being in our life in 2016 thank you for all the good things that happened. Please lord be with us in 2017, let it be a year filled with you in our hearts, let us not give over to hate and bad judgement. Please fill our hearts with peace and loving for all people...
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    Glory to the lord for he was born

    Hi, thank you lord for coming to this earth. thank you lord for knowing what is means to be human. thank you lord for feeling our feelings. thank you lord for being with us. thank you lord for understanding our fears. thank you lord, that you will always be with us. thank you lord, that you...
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    confused on people and gods advice

    Hi, i need some clarity in my thinking. some things are very confusing at the moment. please help me to listen and understand, what is real and true and the way i am to go on to. greetings, sandtigeress.
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    finding something important in moving caos

    We recently moved and we are curently looking for some documents we need, please dear lord, let uns find them. thanks