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    Why the New is better than the Old

    I do like the new CC but I also liked the old. I had for example uploaded some pictures to some folders on my page. But they are all gone with this new CC which is very sad to me, cause I wanted to download them back to my computer. I also had customized my profile page which is also gone. I...
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    Installing the Desktop app, Tip!

    So I had a lot of trouble installing the desktop app for CC. I had to go through a lot of forum posts before I actually found the answer for me, so for anyone who has trouble installing the app I would suggest trying this. Try installing Adobe Air. Your computer might already have the program...
  3. Sofia20 it is! What men want.

    Excuse me but who was it that said this, putting all women under the same line: Respect should be given both ways and Im just getting involved because I dont see it in this little argument. I agree with Shawn on a lot of what he said and yet I am a woman myself ;]
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    Literary Character Quiz

    You are Tigger. You are fun and rambunctious. You love to make your friends laugh and to have a good time. People like to be around you because you accept others without judgement and you are cheerful and outgoing. As Tigger says himself "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best." Fits me...