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    ~Chuckle for the Day~

    Like the hot crossed bunnies joke. Groan
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    The Chat Thread

    People are raving about “Love is Blind” I heard it’s the top Netflix series now. 2 marriages and one long lasting relationship came from that show.
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    I’m sorry

    I’m sorry
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    Thanks so much

    Thanks so much
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    I had such a great breakthrough in prayer today😄 God has been solving my deep seated life issues and giving me great breakthroughs and knowledge about them. The first was about my attachment deficit disorder and the latest one today was about self-forgiveness!!! It’s so exciting that I had to...
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    Lets laugh together!

    I’ve got a joke: The church series is the only thing you can’t binge watch 🙂 Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t do that even if they could 🙁
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    Progressing towards calling

    Progressing towards calling
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    Memories, that’s so yesterday

    Ah. I love these. So glad you found them! Are there any more?
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    Memories, that’s so yesterday

    Hey. Anyone have some fond memories to share? Do you remember an old product you used to use or entertainment that you used to watch? Do you have an old favourite actor or actress you’d like to introduce us to or an old band you liked? With how things change so quickly now a days, it doesn’t...
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    What is your fondest memory or what products or tv shows do you remember most? I know, personally, for the past little while, I can’t stop singing the theme song to the Love Boat.
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    Lets laugh together!

    Two men went golfing and one had bad flatulence. As he was teeing up His shot, his friend said to him, “I see you got a new putter.”
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    Lets laugh together!

    I keep forgetting to send in my hours for work. I guess I really don’t love money... or food or housing...Teehee (I had to clarify, I’m not depressed. I really just keep forgetting since God has supplied all my needs and I’m content.)
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    Seminary and Bible teachers say “Hi”

    You’ll probably be asking the wrong person. I’m just one of the layman whose profile says unsure about being a Christian 🙂
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    Why I love Jesus and How

    What is more important? The why we do something (example: because I love people) or how we do it (example: this is the way Jesus said to love people)? Would Jesus be seen more in or why (motive) or in how we actually carry out that why? This may seem to be the same thing, but after reading many...
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    Seminary and Bible teachers say “Hi”

    I thought anything in this Bible discussion forum would do that 🙂