Cajun Texas/Louisiana gal from Galveston. Texas. Widowed and one daughter and two grandchildren.

Old Navy gal, Texas ranger and now some sort of police chief.

Enjoy driving motorcycles, playing fiddle and hunting, but also kinda girly😁

My native language is French, so bear with me when I speak English incorrectly lol.

To those of you wondering. I know I said “always” on how long I’ve been saved, but where I’m from that simply means a very long time. We’re known for our exaggeration.😁

I have also learned that I have a flawed character and some other flaws in my personality here on this site, so don’t pay any attention to what I’m saying, it’s probably all wrong and misguided.😁
May 18, 1976 (Age: 48)
Galveston and Houston
Marital Status
not married
Spiritual Status
Church Status
attending church
When saved
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
Texas [USA]



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