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    Tell me something interesting ....

    The guy in question sounds like a real jerk. Good thing you didn't end up with him. Glad to have you onboard with us. Welcome to CC.
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    The Fear of Being Alone

    My first marriage was a total disaster. Many members here can tell a horror story regarding marriage. Paul was a smart man, maybe he was speaking from his own personal experience and has his own horror story to tell.
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    To Rightlydivided: Not sure what you really meant by sleight of hand as I was only responding to your post saying that you were a tyrant for 20 years to your wife. I'm not sure many wives would have tolerated that type of abuse for that length of time. I am no better a man than anyone else. I am...
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    Does anyone have the gift of interpreting dreams?

    Where I live in Clearwater, Florida doesn't really allow for setting up a garden. Maybe a couple pots of tomatoes but that's about it. Actually, I really don't have a lot of time to allow for the planting, upkeep, and harvesting of a garden. Cheaper to just buy produce at the store. Time is...
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    Does anyone have the gift of interpreting dreams?

    / I will look for the word 'Real' on each can or package of food before I buy.
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    Does anyone have the gift of interpreting dreams?

    Maybe you should see a dentist.
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    I need advice

    Absolutely agree with you.
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    I need advice

    You really don't need to cope with and abusive fiancée. You are getting a sneak preview on how is he going to treat you once you are married. My counsel is to end the relationship.
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    I've lost faith in the church

    Consider the SDA. They don't frown on woman preaching. Very legit.
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    Tell me something interesting ....

    This is a statement of truth.
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    Hi! New here & not sure where to start.

    I am sorry to hear about the residual effects of your illness. Hopefully, a lot of these issues may eventually leave or the severity lessoned. A lot of other peeps here with various health issues also so please know that you are not alone in this. Hopefully, you will find comfort, support, and...
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    I call my wife honey and have since day one. Your wife must be a saint having put up with your being a tyrant for 20 years. Glad you finally changed. I am sure that God had a role in this .
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    Not only are we not under the law, we should not try to abide by it.

    By the 'law' are you referring to the 10 Commandments are just the hundreds of ordinances that were proclaimed in the OT. I agree that these ordinances and rules and regulations do no pertain to us but I certainly do not believe the 10 Commandments are obsolete. If they were then there would no...
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    What are the foundationial gifts?

    The Holy Spirit gives the gifts and I have never heard of the term 'foundational'. Seems to me that each gift, no matter the kind, is vital to the purpose for which it was intended.
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    I will say a prayer about this difficult situation for God's will and desire to be accomplished.