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    How do you take your coffee?

    I like it strong and black, no cream, sugar or anything in it.
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    Moving on

    Sounds like he was just a fair-weather friend. His loss, your gain. How can one put a friendship on 'hold' anyway? That sounds rather lame. Seems to me that you are now the one is relieved of the burden of trying to be a good friend to him. Yes, moving forward in a positive direction.
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    New member

    It might be a wiser course of action to get to know the members first and let them know you as well before asking anyone to message you. Welcome to CC.
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    Any Hal Lindsey fans out there???

    He certainly never claimed to be a prophet but his views on end-time events based on scripture were very interesting, not really far-fetched, and worth considering as part of one's own individual study of scripture, especially pertaining to end-times.
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    Hello Bev, we all were new here once so just relax and be yourself. Delighted to have you join our community and I'm look forward to your posts. Welcome to CC.
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    The Lion the Lamb & The KING!

    I enjoyed the Lion King also and the ride at Walt Disney World was cool too.
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    Thorn on the flesh

    He suffered from that as well.
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    Thorn on the flesh

    This is absolutely how I feel about this too. Apparently, as God said, His grace was sufficient for him.
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    Yeah, I found it disappointing too and miss the old format. Still, the most important aspect for me is the members that have allowed me to see who they really are and what is important to them. I consider every member to be very real and not a virtual entity that can simply be deleted.
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    This is the first site that I joined and the only site for that matter. I love this place from the start and still do.
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    Any Hal Lindsey fans out there???

    My first and favorite Hal Lindsey book.
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    Any Hal Lindsey fans out there???

    I have read many of his books but not in the last 15 years or so. I found his insight on end-time events to be fascinating. The first book I read of Hal Lindsey was The Late Great Planet Earth. It was a worthwhile read.
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    Amillennialists...Here's a chance to state your case.

    Yeah, no need go bring up homo's in this thread.
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    Can women be Pastors?

    I think it's for the human race.
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    The Believers and The Bride of Christ...The Navy and The Navy Seals...

    I like this very much. "Onward Christian soldiers..."