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    Sharing the love of Christ is a really good reason to be a member of this site. You do this quite well and are a humble servant of the Lord.
    [QUOTE="tourist, post: 3616925, member: 191051"]Perhaps this is your purpose in life doing this work that your Heavenly Father has prepared for you to accomplish beforehand.[/QUOTE]
    I didn’t want to reply on that thread as it’s a introduction one but yes you’re right brother, and it’s part of why I’m here on CC, to share the love of Christ :)
    You too sir
    Thank you brother...
    Yep...I have 2 daughters 22 and 5. The oldest is on her own... and ty for the prayer...I need all the help I can get with the little one!
    I enjoy your posts as well. You and your wife are genuine...when a person is honest, they know honesty and can spot sincerity.
    Thank you for the message. I had forgotten all about these message things. lol
    This is Amos from Nigeria, West Africa. I wish to be your friend. I am 57 years old man. I saw your profile on the internet and interested. I am God fearing, honest, humble with sense of humour. I am a committed christian. I have full commitment for friendship. I am Asst. Chief Executive Officer in the Federal Government Hospital here in Nigeria. My hobbies are: writing, making friends, travelling etc. My weight is 75Kg while my height is 1.80cm respectively. I hope that we can be friends. If you are interested, please write back so that we can begin to share more about ourselves in the next mail or if you are on WhatsApp? Please send me your number so that we can chat. Thanks and God bless you.
    My dearest bro, just popping by to say thank you for your kind words and encouragement on Tommys thread. You having a lovely heart and soul. I am deeply touched bro ❤️
    Aw, tourist--I read your post in Midnight Confessions--please don't beat yourself up over it. You were more than gracious in apologizing and the other person is not one to hold grudges at all. We all have our off days, and we all understand. It's going to be ok. :)
    Thank you so much for the rep and encouragement. Like anyone else, sometimes I want to give up, and your encouraging words always lift my spirits. Thank you! :)
    Thank you for the rep and your kind words.
    Thank you so much! I have missed you all here. :) Hugz
    Thank you so much for always being so kind. You and JesusLives are a tremendous blessing here. Please, don't ever leave! :)
    I just saw it was your birthday.

    I hope it was a good one bro :)

    God bless you
    Thank you for the rep points!
    To you and the family. Wishing all good things. Thank you,
    To you and your family. God bless you abundantly. Kalyna
    Thank you so much Tourist! I just try to avoid controversial topics.
    Many thanks to you and JesusLives for always being so kind to people here, even me! :D
    Thank you, as usual, for the kind and encouraging words, as well as the word about Psalms... It's been a while since I've read them... I'm overdue for a refresher. I think I will wait out today in order to respect Galatea and maybe write my thread tomorrow, depending on what happens. Thank you again for always being so encouraging. :)
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