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  • Hey Jerry, hope you been well my friend. Much love to you and Darlene ❤️
    Hello tourist. It is never my intent to (intentionally) derail a thread (though sometimes I don't stop myself in time- this however was a time I practiced self-control and did stop myself) but I still REALLY wanted to say this, so I came here (and I think this only allows so much typing space, so it's coming in 2 post...... hopefully in order..........
    in that thread you said:
    "I must be living in a fantasy world".

    and the reply that i just HAVE to make is:

    "Yes, and in that fantasy world M&M's live up to their claim not to melt in your hands"
    Ah, Tourist. Thank you so much for your kind words. Having you and JesusLives here is like a warm, comforting blanket of wisdom, grace, and understanding. I hope you both are adjusting well to your new location. I have kept you in prayer for a long time regarding smoking. I hope it's getting easier for you. Thank you for being here, and please keep us posted on how you're both doing. Blessings to you both, always.
    Tourist! hello! I hope you and your wife have a great day!
    Hi tourist! Just want to express my appreciation for your always thoughtful and kind posts! You are truly a blessing to this community. I pray you and your beautiful wife are healthy and abiding in our Lord's love, peace and joy 🙏😊🙌
    Thank you my friend for your kind and gracious words. I will say a special prayer to you today. :)
    That would be really welcome! Thank you so much! Be blessed in Jesus' mighty name 🙌😊
    Darlene and I are doing alright and have not really been impacted by the virus. Yes, it has been awhile. God bless you as well.
    Hello, Sir
    Been a few years?
    The journey l was on was well worth it.

    Hope all is well with you and the wife.

    God Bless
    Hello, i hope this doesn't seem weird i'm in support of the match making thing.. kindly write me by mail if you're interested in getting to know each other torriemakaayATgmail.
    You sent this copy/paste request to multiple people, including married people and females.

    You included an email address, but tried to hide it by not using the @ symbol.

    You only want to talk to people off site.

    You have a fake pic up that's been used numerous times, with different names and ages.

    Clearly you are a fake.
    Hey, just checking in to say how much I enjoy your postings.
    Keep up the good work, and may your spiritual journey be fruitful!
    Hope all is good with you my brother!
    I stalked you 'cuz i could. Lol stay blessed my brother!
    Even on that bus you were never truly alone...😉
    God bless you for saying that. It made my day. :)
    me: I have a chip on my shoulder
    God: I am bigger than any chip that can possibly exist on your shoulder, cast that chip to me, and be free
    me: ok
    we tried to send you an 'private-conversation', but were un-able - please know that we Love You and Yours very much, thus our 'gut post',,.hugs and kisses!
    how's the tourguide narriator?

    see this, take a notice of that, and right here, what we see is, etc.
    here's a tip to deal with apathy (or having a apathetic heart)

    understand what's been discouraging your own heart, and ask God for encouragement
    Probably to have a desire to humbly serve the Lord with love in your heart.
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