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  • I wonder what C. S. Lewis would say about the way academics are going about now a days? They seem to being going in all directions without any boundaries. Me hungry, me going to sleep.
    My name is Matt, that is Matt, I am nothing other than that, please just call me Matt. I am Matt, I once was call something other than that, please do not call me that, that is not Matt and Matt is not that, Matt is just Matt and that is that. When once Matt was called fat, Matt replied back that Matt was not that, fat is not Matt, nor was Matt fat, since fat being fat and Matt being Matt, and that is just that.
    Matt - do you have a catt in a hatt? I wonder about thatt... ;-)
    Matt likes cats in Hat. :)
    "England expects every man to do his duty" -Lord Nelson
    "The sun will come out Tomorrow, bet your bottom buck it'll be tomorrow....there'll be sun. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, is always a day away" - Annie
    Its starting to sprinkle.
    Me Very sleepy today. Need sleep.
    God Bless Tracy for giving us such a wonderful place to come together and communicate. Every different culture has a beautiful unique way of expressing God's love in music and style of preaching that it is wonderful to see here; yet we are united as the body in Christ in spirit and love. God Bless you Tracy.
    If I was trapped on an island, I would want a lot of cheese sandwiches because I don't like fish all that much.
    My son never liked fish, until I got him to try a blackened, grouper sandwich.
    Cheese cake
    Found this Quote in my secular history book on how Christianity spread in the 1st and 2nd century: Spielvogel, Jackson J. Western Civilization. Eigth edition volume 1 ,Pg 175
    “Why was Christianity able to attract so many followers? Historians are not really sure…”
    Do they call Chinese food Chinese food in China? I don't ever hear Americans call food American food, nor do I know what would be considered American food, so I wouldn't know?
    Love is the most expensive currency on the Christian Market.
    Faith is free dear
    Please Donate As Much Love as you can :)
    And then rising to the right hand of the highest power in heaven. All the cleansing rituals in the Old Testament remind us of the Holiness, perfection, and purity of God in Heaven. It reminds us of the world beyond this world is perfectly clean.
    The structure of the Bible is incredible that it cannot be compared to any other type of writing ever written. God uses foreshadowing and metaphors to prepare us for the main things in scripture. Such as sacrifice for the coming Christ's death: Joseph being sold by his brothers to the gentiles yet begins lifted to the right hand of the highest power is a reflection of Christ being sold by the Jews to the gentiles
    Even if you lose and argument with an atheist or Muslim. What has changed? Although Christians have always gave the best answers to all the most important questions, you cannot be expected to have the right answer all the time. When you ask Muslims to question there faith you make sure to show them you have done the same with your own. You are grounded in the Truth of God's word.
    I am slowly learning about joy in the Christian life and how that works with being solid in the Faith. I have always felt you have to be kind of tough to hold your faith against the constant criticisms of the world. But after doing much study on how strong the case for Christianity is, I have learned you do not need to be so tough. You can be very loving and truthful at the same time.
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