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    New to CC, looking for fellowship.

    Well, I gave this place a chance for a few months, but I don't really feel like I fit in here. This is my last post. Take care all.
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    Great Expectations

    I do now. Sorry to waste your time.
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    Great Expectations

    Well, you can't force someone to change what they want in their decisionmaking processes. The best thing you can do is save yourself the time of getting involved with someone who doesn't fit what you need.
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    Great Expectations

    You can make a list if you really want. I don't think it's wise to expect everyone to live up to every detail on it, however. People have flaws and problems, some just hide it better than others. The smart thing to do is probably to decide what you are willing to compromise on and what you...
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    Ask the user below you a question

    Hard to say, I've watched a lot of them. Audition by Takashi Miike is pretty spine-tingling; definitely not for the faint of heart. What do you do to relax when under stress?
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    Heavy heart, and suicidal thoughts.

    More concerning than the custody issues to me is what you mentioned in your headline about suicide. If you are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, that needs to be addressed first.
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    When do you draw the line?

    If a job conflicts with your personal morals or ethics, you should probably work toward finding one that doesn't, or at least one that doesn't tread on subject matter that brings up the issues in the first place. As a teacher, I would imagine there are options out there with private or...
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    Marriage...expensive or just the wedding?

    My sister had a fairly lavish wedding at a huge church with hundreds of guests, followed by a long honeymoon in Oruba. My poor dad ending up funding several tens of thousands of dollars for it. Personally, if I were to get married, it would be a small ceremony because I think grandiosity in...
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    Must See

    The most memorable bit of scenery I recall was flying over the Grand Canyon on the way to San Diego. It was impressive.
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    Any MTG players?

    I used to play some commander games at the local card shop, but it was a major money sink for a while to be competitive. I got about $800 back when I traded in all my cards for 30-50% value. Honestly your wallet is probably better off if you go the online route.
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    Who is your confidant?

    My best friend is a guy who lives in Brazil that I've known for about 12 years since we started posting on a forum. He's the only friend I have that I wouldn't think twice about telling anything. I suppose the reason we keep in contact is we have very similar interests and struggles in life...
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    If You've Ever Sought Help for a Problem, Was it Really of Very Much Help?

    (Most) doctors who are in the health business for any span of time go through certain qualifications and a lot of education before getting around to helping patients with prescription medications, so they know what they are doing. If you want to bring faith into the equation, I imagine you...
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    Is It True That You Either "Have It" or You Don't?

    When you're learning to walk or ride a bike, you are going to fall on your face a long time until it suddenly works. How talented and capable you are is a function of nature and nurture.
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    son moving out in a few months, so now what?

    I've lived alone 11 years; I actually quite enjoy the peace and quiet part of it. Join a club, meet new people or work on a new hobby.
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    So Just What IS Loneliness, Anyway? (Loneliness Defined.)

    I spend a lot of time alone, but I don't feel lonely. Hanging out with family or friends on weekends is enough for me.