A simple question (a simple answer)

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May 3, 2013
I was washing my teeth on bed and I couldn't stop myself from thinking: "Why not to throw it away?"

Sometimes ideas are quicker than hands, so here is my question:

If Jesus was GOD (the Father) why Satan came up "to test" Him in the wilderness?

It took me years to see the RCC's doctrine was wrong but, the more I understood the OT, I saw something wrong on my beliefs.

I'm concerned on the amount of people (here in Venezuela) who worship idols, patrons, etc., and give personal cult or veneration to living persons.


I believe one of the many things God was sharing with us through that incident of Satan tempting Jesus, is that Satan does not care who he destroys. It is his goal to claim all of us. If he had the nerve to go after the Son of God, he's not going to have any problems going after you and I, but Jesus showed us how to combat him through that incident, showing us what to do when Satan tempts us.


Senior Member
Nov 16, 2013
I can understand your concerns about the people in Venezuela worshipping idols, patrons, etc. That goes against what the Bible tells us. I pray that God will give you strength in light of these things.

I have to agree with arb71. If satan tried to tempt Jesus, the Son of God, then trying to tempt us mere humans is nothing for him. I am so glad that I have the Word in order to keep satan at bay and not fall for his lying tricks. Whenever I feel satan at work in my life, I turn to the Lord and he gives me the strength I need to tell satan to hit the road.



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Sep 4, 2013
Jesus is God the Son...........even Catholics acknowledge that do they not? Thought they did.

Why was Jesus the man tempted? He subjected Himself to ALL THINGS that we, His children, are subjected to in order to DEFEAT THEM and provide us with the way to also defeat all of this worlds temptations......

Idol worship is certainly wrong........but not all things are idols......ONLY THOSE things which we place ABOVE GOD are idols as I see it. Remember that there were two angels that adorned the Arc of the Covenant which proceeded before the people of Israel in the wilderness........and the Serpent Staff that was lifted up in the wilderness, and other things that adorned the Tabernacle.......

.....just a few thoughts.....