Bad habits.

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2014
Any tips or tricks (maybe something you've used) on how to break a bad habit?

I should clarify, maybe seeing people or hanging around people I should not. I don't really know when to let go of people that I need to let go of.
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Often depends on the habit.


Remember that Jesus is bigger than anything on this planet. :)


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2011
well, recognize it is a habit. a learned behavior that happened over time. now sometimes God breaks habits instantly. sometimes it takes time. but pray about every day, treat it seriously, you can do it through Christ.


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2014
When you pray for help, what do you discern the Lord directing you to do? He might tell you to just say NO. To just stop. He might tell you to get counseling or medical help. He will even give you the feeling to leave certain people if you need to. Usually there is no trick or tip. But when you make the right decision and act on it, he meets you at that choice and gives you all the grace and help you need through any pain of the choice.

May you hear - and be given greater incentive to drop any habit you need to. The only thing that has ever helped me is to visualize what my life will be like without the habit. And hold onto that vision!


Senior Member
Dec 28, 2014
In my experience, the best way to end a habit is to replace it with something else. Any time you want to do whatever it is that you're trying to break, do the replacement. Eventually the other thing will become the habit. I was spending too much time on YouTube during the day, so now I try to write more instead. :eek:


Senior Member
Sep 20, 2012
Any tips or tricks (maybe something you've used) on how to break a bad habit?

I should clarify, maybe seeing people or hanging around people I should not. I don't really know when to let go of people that I need to let go of.
Well, that would be the first place to start...


Tricks? No, I'm afraid I don't know any. It helps to have character when looking to break a habit or sever a relationship.


Hmm. If its about "bad company" then maybe start spending more time with "good company" ?


Some habits are about the feeling that they give you. Bad habits are usually a counterfeit to something that God created that is good. Counterfeit activities are generally bad for you physically, emotionally and spiritually and usually require more and more to have the same effect. If your habit is chewing your fingernails I wouldn't worry about it too much....if it's doing crack, you better get help.


In my experience, the closer we get to God, the less desire we have to be around people who take us away from God. Keep your focus on God and watch things change. :) You will be shown new interests, taking you to meet new people with a mind focused the same as yours. Your desires will change, allowing you to form bonds with people who share these new desires. You will find peace in other ways and with other people.

As for other types of "habits", I can over-simplify it for you to help you see that we all need to control our habits .....if you were to walk on a specific sidewalk for 10 years, and then you learned that by walking on this sidewalk you could could stop walking on this sidewalk and take another route, right? A habit is a habit is a habit.....if you can break one habit, like walking on that particular sidewalk, then you can break any habit.
Well that's my opinion anyways.