Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
[FONT=&quot]For They Shall See God,

Indeed that is a beatitude, it is God telling us that in
order to benefit from His love, we have to accept it
and live in it. Those are not just words written on a
line for quick perusal, they are words meant for us to
progress in our journey with Him. One thing that we
should never do as the Pharisees did, the held strict
adherence to the law. In fact, Jesus chastised them
over and over again, calling them a brood of vipers.
Instead we need to read then understand what it is
that they are telling us to be and do. In the common
era we don't have time to devout our entire life as they
did to read and study the rules as they did. I believe
that neither Jesus nor Paul meant that for us. We are
exhorted rather, to follow the example of Jesus. Rather
than become scholars, we need to become followers
and doers of God's will. This is what we should draw
from scripture.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
I love this verse. Thanks for the share.