Catching bugs with the Amish

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Senior Member
Jul 19, 2014
Philippines Age 40
Thanks for bringing it back IFOLLOWHIM.....notice how GHOTI's post got me going down nostalgia lane....and reveling in memories of games and contraptions from years past, when I started this post with the intention of reminding myself to focus on God's creation, all of it.

Just compare the complexity of even the most advanced gaming system to the complexity of this:

The praying mantis is indeed fascinating. But I was scared of it when I was little and I am still scared of it now. To me, it does'nt look like it is praying, it appears to be on attack mode with that knife like claws.


Well-known member
Nov 8, 2019
My wife suffers from mental health issues, and on a recent visit to her doctor I saw an article posted to a bulletin board that was reporting on studies that show walking in nature has enormous benefits when it comes to improving mental health. I've tried to find it on-line without success, but this article has a lot o the same information:

My wife's health team has told me they'll try and get me a copy of the one on their bulletin board, it set out a specific amount of time that seems to have measurable and proven benefit, but I can't remember the amount of time cited. It said something like 90 minutes spent in nature every two weeks was shown to have enormous benefits....and that it didn't matter if that was 90 minutes all at once or if it was broken up into 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 long as the 90 minutes was achieved over the 2 weeks. But again, I don't precisely remember the time component, I'm just using 90 minutes every 2 weeks as an example.

Was it anything here?: