Catorgorizing people and demonic influences

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As the city that I live in seems to grow more and more evil, I find myself becoming more distrusting of people in general. I'm very causous of meeting new people or getting close to someone. We are a small city that has some nice things about it but evil is growing here. There are lots of murders and robberies. I'm even considering arming myself. I'm a people watcher. I pay very close attention to the movements and appearances of people. That being said I've found myself catorogorizing people as being of demonic influence or not being under demonic influece. Which determines whether or not I chose to deal with that person. Being aware of the times that we live in and how or society is gradually deteriorating am I being too cautiuos. Am I looking at things in the proper perspective? Or am I being overly protective of myself? How far should we go with protecting our minds, our spiritsfrom the negative forces that we encouter eveveryday? What do you think?


My first thought: You (might intend to) arm yourself to protect yourself physically from those under demonical influence. Do you think this idea is from the holy spirit?


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Jun 29, 2012
i think categorizing people you see into demonic and not demonic is more delusional than anything


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Sep 2, 2012
I'd be very careful of being judgmental. If you surround yourself with the presence of Christ and/or the "whole armor", God will protect you. Who knows, you might be part of the solution to the problem.


This is very dangerous territory. What did Jesus do with demon influenced people? Did he arm himself? The fact that you feel the need to arm yourself is concerning because its based out of fear. Or it could be rhetoric... Perhaps you believe people are influenced because there is more crime and such. In that case Id say the need to arm may be more valid, but the fault in this logic is that you are attributing WAY too much power to the devil. We battle 3 things: the flesh, the world we live in, and the devil and his demons. But too many people say everything is the devil. No it's not. We must put responsibility where it belongs. Sometimes people so bad things because they want to. It's their responsibility, and we don't address by attributing it to the devil.
Now if your town is being overrun by zombies then that's one things. However you must consider how Jesus handled these situations. He didn't arm himself with anything it the power and word of God. He armed himself with compassion and delivered them. Had he killed them he would have doomed them to an eternity in hell.


There is no doubt that this world is evil in many ways. People are losing faith and embracing sin more and more. No matter how bad it gets, we have nothing to fear, not even death. As soon as we die we leave this place for Heaven. We have God on our side, who can destroy us? No weapon formed against us shall prosper.


i think categorizing people you see into demonic and not demonic is more delusional than anything
You may be right, but everytime I turn around I'm dealing with somebodys crap that just walks up to me out of the blue and I'm always getting stares from random people in public that stare at me as if I've done something to them.
Oct 31, 2011
As you read how Christ conducted Himself when He lived with us as a man, He did was not careful where he walked, but was fearless. I think, if we use common sense, we can be, too. I walked through skid row to get to a restaurant, I live in an area where a gang of teens constantly threaten, yet I often even leave the house unlocked. I know, not a good idea, but I lose keys badly. I am protected by my Lord, I keep my mind reflecting Phil 4:8 as much as possible.

I am so aware, at the same time, that evil is growing I have been reading about it. Right now I am reading the minute by minute break down of what it is like to lead an exorcism. I also work constantly, to convince all of God's people to work to define sin and stand firm against it. Our churches are believing that as we are led by the HS, as we worship in truth, we need not listen to the written word. That is opening the doors for the lawlessness to operate, as we see it growing.

Php 4:8 Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise--dwell on these things.