Come To Me With All Your Hearts (Joel:2)

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
Don't Let Fear Keep Us Apart,

God is making an invitation to all so that all can know
that He is talking to everyone. From experience I see
people stray away from God or as it is in Christian
vernacular; backsliding. Be here God says, no matter
what you have done, no matter how bad you think you
were or are, He is saying He has a place for you. He
is offering His redemption through the power of love.
We should never say that God hates me or that He
will never have anything to do with me because I have been
so bad. That is bringing God's love down to our level
which is fragile and not grasping His which is eternal
life. It's like a tow truck that comes to pull a car out of
a mud pit. He pulls the car out of the mire so the car
can continue on its journey. But in that scenario, we
need to call the tow truck operator asking for help.
So we need to do the same with God. Repentance is
calling God and saying Lord I need you. I have become
lost and need you to open my heart. May we never, ever
give up on God.