Do/Did you have a discipler?

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The Word Weaver
Aug 28, 2012
Good morning, i'm learning from many Spirit filled teachers that all sickness is an attack from the enemy, it is the will of the Father that we all be whole, well, healed, restored, blessed, etc. there was no sickness before the fall in Genesis, and Jesus came to restore ALL things, so the problem of acquiring His healing is never up there, it is always down here, learning to appropriate it.
I can't say if all sickness is an attack from the enemy or not and I do believe in the power of healing however sometimes we have a thorn in our side for a reason and sometimes they chains that are part of God's plan for us. For instance I have brain damage from my past as a child and so I tend to think and act differently than most people if you met me in real life you would not think I was 28 just from my nature alone plus due to the cancer i had I also look like a child as well and honestly I am also a child at heart I have been told I have a sense of innocence about me or a child like purity.

I am not able to mentally live on my own and need help with most things but had I not recieved the brain damage I also wouldn't be who I am today and I have seen God use my disability many times over, I am able to connect to both the young and the old because I do think like an adult but I also see and think like a child as well and thus God uses this quite often. I thank God for my illness and though it makes life hard for me everyday I count it as a blessing not a curse.

I do however pray that I can be healed of my diebetes it is my achiles heel and is the most troublesome of all my illnesses and though I have never seen or experienced healing of any kind I fully believe in the impossible not because I have seen or recieved it but because of what I have come to know of him. I will always ask for healing of my diebetes but no matter how much I ask or believe whether he actually does it or not is I leave to him. Anything is possible but it must be according to his will not my own like a good solder I wait for his command first he has to be the one to give the green light because for all I know he may intend to use my diebetes like he has used every bad thing that has happened to me in life and believe me life has been completely unfair to me my whole life yet he has used everything for his glory.

I do not wish to discourage anyone from having the faith to recieve healing I am merely giving a differently perspective to ponder about. Lots of people have had a hard life or have illnesses and troubles that we pray to be free from but at the same time what if what we see as a curse is actually a blessing?