Figuring out 50

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If you are 50 or older what is your experiance with being 50?


Senior Member
Jun 13, 2009
Them senior moments...:)

(I'm not 50 or older; I just couldn't resist posting those :p LOL)
Oct 31, 2011
Fifty was so long ago, I don't remember, but today is very different for me.

Children have changed, they don't have an indoor voice any more.
There is no more silence in the world.
There aren't any more stars that shine at night.
You don't have to spend hours at the library for information.
Boundaries are gone: affairs are common, dress codes are gone, dating commonly includes sex.
Advances in medicine are fabulous, and alternative medicine can mix with prescription medicine.
We have a choice of foods that was unheard of before.
Society is not dependable or secure.
Family is the solid foundation of only a very few solid Christians.
Alcohol wasn't included in most middle class homes, now wine cellars, etc. are the norm.
The housewife's daily routine has changed. It was wash on Mon., iron on Tues, etc.
Children don't play free any more, they are supervised and watched.
Houses and cars are locked now, no one was afraid before.
Before, once out of college you were done. Now education for most fields is on going to keep up.
Few people changed jobs, it was considered good to work for a good company and stay there.
Government had little to do with our day to day living. We were expected to be self sufficient.
Wonderful music is available, the most wonderful symphonies can be right in our home.

These are just a few of the changes. I think the biggest difference in life today from yesterday is the difference in the attitude toward family and marriage, and what it means to us. It goes along with the difference in how we look at our rules of behavior. It goes deeper than our acceptance of God in our lives. Before, even those spiritually dead had guidelines of behavior and attitudes toward behavior that were more solid. Today, our most devout don't seem different from those without God in their lives.


Being over 50 is great. The things I used to worry about are now so unimportant. Im comfortable in my wrinkled skin. The Lords will has replaced my own. I have stopped questioning the Lord and started accepting His will even if I don't understand it. I now have 50 years of experiences to look back on and see how He has never left me alone even when my flesh felt like there was no one that cared for me. I get a great deal of comfort from knowing that. I've learned that my own understanding is pretty much worthless compared to His wisdom. I know now that I really was created for His purpose. I have learned that patience is truly a gift even though to have it means trials and troubles. The Lord has shown me that giving comfort and encouragement to others is the way to receive them for myself. The material things of this world no longer have the importance they once did. I can't say if it's the years or the miles but I feel like Im getting closer to being the person I was created to be. I don't even know the person I was in my youth....that person is like a complete stranger. Being 50 is so many things it's hard to explain what it really means or feels like. I suppose it is different for each of us and at the same time very similar. It'a been an adventure getting here....that much I know for sure.