Our Spiritual life Is A Journey

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
We Discover Ourselves In Discovering God,

As we grow in our spiritual life, our connection to God
grows closer and closer to Him. In other words we
don't simply know about God, we come to know God
in our inner soul. His powerful and important love for
us gets deeper and deeper. Through prayer in a
meditative sense we discover Him beyond words, we
are one with Him. Jesus often went off on His own to
be with His Father, to grow in that personal revelation
of His Father. That is what we should also do so we
can truly experience Him internally. Words become
less and less important as the Spirit grows deeper
within us. It is only when we can't find the words in our
lexicon to describe His wonders that we really know
we are one with Him. We will never be God but then
we will never be other than God.