Spiritual Dreams

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Dec 9, 2011
I had one where i was at a school as a high-school kid and i guess there was like a guest speaker or something going on...
It was a massive school... Tons of kids... There were celebrities there too. Snoop dogg was there for some reason, and there was lots of food and partying and he was greeting people, plus there were lots of other famous artists there too... I was doing my thing being chill like always, and not trying to be a nerd like everyone else spazzing out over all the famous people.
This one dude i was hanging out with wanted a soda/ sprite to be exact so i was like "ok no problem" so he sat back down and waited while i got up and went to wherever they were giving away the -free drinks- what was interesting was this one dude was serving me, and he gave me the sprite, but i decided i wanted one of those corn chip things too, but i realized i didn't have my wallet, so i said to the server something like " its all good ill just take this sprite and im out" but he said something about if i wanted left overs and that the one i wanted were free, i said thanks and started to walk back down the hall around the corner where my new friend was supposed to be.. It turned out that the guy had disappeared and i see Jesus standing down the hall, then tons of other students belt out down the hall after him. He vanishes. so i continue to walk and make my way through the crowd outside, and there he is again but talking to them as they clustered around, i continue to walk/ quickly down the stairs through the crowd to him but i wake up... What is interesting is the time... In the dream the school clock said it was around 1 o clock or something and i just woke up around 1:30 in actual time.

I lucid dream a lot, but while im dreaming i am unable to tell time or even read. Actually when i see clocks in dreams or written words
i either cant see them, or make them out, even if the clock is analog understanding what time it is in dreams is always impossible for me.

But yea that is just 1 random dream i had that i knew someday i would have to talk about it. I usually write dreams and visons down so digging it up again wasn't too hard.
Praise JESUS there's Spiritual richness and joy without cost for those waiting for his return and JESUS In us wants others to have this joy too.🤗
John 3:16
King James Version

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Interesting dreams - I had a dream once where I was talking to an old black lady and I was literally crying in her lap, telling her how sorry I was I treated black people so badly during my life. I awoke in tears, but I felt forgiven. Since that day I have absolutely loved black people - I really do. Interesting that this dream turned my life around.

And no I'm not one of the bed-wetting liberals - I'm staunch conservative and remain so. it's just that now when I see a black person I smile and look for nothing but the best from them. before I didn't like them at all, but now nothing but love floods my heart whenever I see one


Senior Member
Dec 16, 2016
That is awesome, He does work with us ALL the time, dreams are great as we are not interrupted by the cares of this world.
I have found it a blessing to always smile when I see a person, most often they will smile back, then we have created a bridge and not a wall.