The fine line between discernment and paranoia

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As we live from day to day, trying to follow the ways of Christ we encounter so many different things. Ofur thoughts and our mind attemps to process so much information. Our spirit is also trying to process lots and lots of information. We all know that we from reading our bible that we can come demonic attack at many levels and we all know that satan will temp us as he did Jesus. We are constantltly trying to figure out people, places, events, dreams, spiritual encounters,thoughts, relationships, and even scripture. So how do determine whether we are discering something or being paranoid?
Oct 31, 2011
I wouldn't call it paranoia when our minds go over and over something that harms us, but squirrel caging it. Like a squirrel running on a wheel in a cage. We examine, tell ourselves it happened, look at it from every viewpoint, and sometimes work up resentments and angers over it.

God says don't do that. God gives us instructions on what we are to keep in our minds on.
Php 4:8
Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise--dwell on these things.

God also tells us to let Him work it out. We are to listen to Him, and sometimes we can find a Godly way to act in response to a situation. When we come across evil, we as people separate from God cannot handle it effectively. Through Christ, and with Christ as a shield like an armor around us, we can handle anything.



Senior Member
Mar 23, 2013
I struggle with this, too. I tend to over analyze. I tend to spend more time on a decision I have made or how I think someone is perceiving what I said or did. It really gets in my way and becomes a time-gobble-upper. I wish I could more often just let things go and let GOD take over. Sometimes I do let God take over and boy, I sure feel peace!

So, OP, I don't have an answer, I am just commiserating with you. :cool:


The bottom line is...PEACE!! if you have peace....then it is of God. If you are 'Hamster Wheeling' if you are 'Ruminating' then it is not of God.
Simple....but then He never said it was....
God Bless, Hattie <><


Senior Member
Aug 28, 2011
Great word, Hattie! Learn at least one new thing a day! :) I agree if it is from God He will give your peace concerning it and at least two or more scriptures to back it up!


Senior Member
Aug 28, 2011
And a Holy Ghost filled brother or sister. :)


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2013
What always scares me is the verse about Satan disguising himself as an angel of light... I then begin to question everything...


Discernment has been one of the gifts I had most of my life, so this does cause paranoia for me.What cause me to be a little leery is be in an unfamiliar area. I guest paranoia would be when you believe everything is harmful to you, or random strangers are out to get you. This is when you are not using discernment and probably over processing the situation which cause paranoia.