You Make Known To Me The Path O Life ( Psalm 16 )

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
You Fill Me With Joy In Your Presence,

Maybe the most wonderful Psalm of all since it really
glorifies our God with great passion. Saying you are
my portion and my cup, meaning everything. Like all
I am and do is done in the Lord. The writer has given
himself up to God. Sort of like I know you are the One
Lord, it is you that I claim for my prize. Ok, I'm done
messing around Lord, You take hold of me now and I
will be and do what you want me to do. That is quite
a spiritual point to get too, I mean who wants to give
all to someone and let all control go away. An ego is
hard to let go without wanting to keep just a little for
ourselves. When that someone is God, we truly have
to let go. That is His way as we give our trust to Him.