cooking meals...what goes good together?where to start?

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BRUH YOU POOR POOR SOUL! who doesn't like ranch? And onions? Like what can you eat that doesn't have onions, tuna is understandable even if i kinda like it. YOU SHOULD'VE PUT THOSE TRIFLIN PEAS ON THERE! And like any meat with fat on it, and beats, and chicken when it's on the bone, and coconut everything coconut is just ew like they made it look so good in the cartoons but no it's not good like at all. Suggestions? Idrk tbh i would recommend just making things from scratch more often just doing that makes things way better. I would keep stapples like spaghetti noodles and rice with ground beef or chicken combine that with slightly different things like Vegetables and sides and you'll LOOK like your a savage, all you'll need is a #housewifen apron and youll be set. Also mix up how you cook it like for example baked chicken is completely different from fried. And seasoning is you're wife like you gotta keep her with you every time you enter the kitchen ofc it depends but i would experiment a bit with it until you find things you and the people your feeding like. Don't get discouraged you might burn water your first time but it's ok practice makes perfect. Also idk if it's just me but i feel like angel hair noodles taste way better then normal ones lol. Usually i just end up winging it with whatever i can find in the house so i don't really have recipes or anything and i only focus on like fat sugar and protein lol i wouldn't wanna give you some super sodium meal and youre like suck so yea ig I'm done now (that # belongs to me and i will get an apron that says that so don't steal my idea or I'll forget you're my brother in christ and you might not show up around these forums anymore 😜)
Blah blah ranch,blah blah wife,blah blah apron...someday I may understand your post, right now I'm at work reading this and just wanting to get to the house and try sleeping for two hours everything is else a bunch of blahs and blurs.


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Jun 22, 2018
Well imma help u.
Take any meat that is ok and make it ro cubes or slices
Fry in the pan with corn and other veggies. (Tomatoes, paprika,onion,...) and honey (oil first so it wont burn so easily.)
Add (if u want) tomato juice and if u like thicken it a little
You can serve it with fried potatoes or bread howrver you like..

I love cooking so if u need anything here I am lol
I might have to take you up on that too..dont like cooking...hard time figuring out what sides compliment certain entrees using a budget..:(


Tacos are my family's favorite. Cook meat and put in a warmed up not deep fried corn tortilla. Add shredded cheese , maybe chopped onions and cilantro and make sure you get a fresh squeeze of lime or lemon juice.