If your depressed this might help

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Jul 16, 2018
If you struggling with depression or going thru a tuff time in your life you should try seek spiritual help, sometimes I feel hopeless and with no purpose of life in times like those I just remember there some one i can count on and seek for the way of life and happiness. Everyone is important even you , God loves us all and have a IMPORTANT part to play. I'm asking you to give him a try and let him come into your life. Give him all your problems and watch him give you all the answers and solutions for you. I promise it won't disappoint you 😊. Get your happiness and life back on track and enjoy a life full of joy under his love and care. The first step is to find a church, the moment i first step inside I shed tears and a huge weight was lifted of my back. Don't be hopeless and unhappy when there's so much to life to live for. Regardless of what you going thru no situation is bigger than. Your strong yet you will over come it as long as you try. God needs you just as you need him so make the first step to your happiness 😊



Senior Member
Apr 28, 2016
You might also try looking into the Alpha-Stim. It is a device approved by the FDA for use in depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Check out their "Clinical Research" page at alpha-stim.com.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
Hi fastlife, and welcome. I know what you mean, and simply want to say that whatever one is going thru, wherever he/she may be in the valleys of life, God is also there. Some like me stayed out of the church for a while, but always had God's word to read or listen to, as in radio broadcasts, etc. We need It everyday to transform our minds and hearts, which takes different times to work on in individuals. If i may say, one thing i also discovered is even if i say i love God above all, i was not loving my neighbor as myself-- which results in all kinds of anxiety, guilt, also fear. Praise God His truth sets free.


Junior Member
May 7, 2018
Fastlife, that was a good article. God is with us through our tough times. God's Word and His promises are where to start, but if you are not overcoming depression, I would suggest seeing your doctor. Struggling with depression myself, it is hard to hear people say that if you just have faith and depend on God, your depression would go away. I've needed medication to help me. I believe that there are physical reasons behind some of my depression that can be helped by doctors and often pray for new ways to be found to take it completely from me. But I am thoroughly convinced that God is with me through every minute of the day and that He is my strength and my joy.


Active member
Oct 19, 2018
Studying, not reading, the bible, mine melt right off, when I was going through a rough time, also see what I said, on another forum on anxiety, its too much to re type, but at that time, I dated a guy that had a lot of demons, and it torment me I praised the Lord and it would leave, but then came back worse the next day, fought that depression demon for 3 years not giving up, and praising the Lord every day, almost all day sometimes, after 3 years I felt it release me, and that was probably 11 years ago. sometimes it can just be lack of vitamins, as we age, it goes out of the body, my uncle started taking magnesium and he became normal, no more hallunciations. ... the mind has to have nutrients, or it goes hay wire sometimes...as I said, in my other post, I started taking Turmeric Curcumin, and B complex, this has made my thinking and outlook great.....and I only took one tablet today. all vitamins or minerals or spices, we need to get back to gardening, and that can be done is a lot of apartments too, ... kale and mustard greens my mom ate and didn't have vision problems until she stopped eating them. when she was in her 80's.....THINK HEALTHY FOODS to go in the body, the body and mind need good nutrients. I have started eating the inside of aloe plants, it takes like celery sorta ...and its wonderful for cleansing the blood...... think about it people eat nuggets from fast food and then they say, they are made out of aborted babies..( lets hope that isn't true but pics of a baby not quite formed was going around the net, where one was found in a fast food restaurant... I found a tooth in my hardees burger once. yeah ugh....that's why I stay home and cook good food.