So starting tomorrow:

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Only just noticed this thread - what a great idea.

I’ve been losing weight since May so far I’ve lost 16 pound.

GG. Not sure what works for you. For me
I down loaded a calorie counting app where you scan bar codes and weight other stuff to work out the calories.

I also have a fit bit and linked it to the app.

I found out last week I have a rare heart issue probably genetic. The QT wave (on ECG) is abnormal so I’m more prone to Arrhythmias and sudden slowing down or speeding up of heart. So that’s given me an incentive to lose some more.

I could do with losing another 11 to 18 pound.

I swapped sugary treats for pineapple, grapes, picked onions (love then!). Also frozen yoghurt for ice cream.

I absolutely love green olives and because they have a salt taste, I’m finding I don’t crave salty snacks.

I drink mostly decaf tea and herbal tea.
But if in town I might get a skinny which is less calories.

Also I discovered a place called ITSU in town which makes amazing healthy tasty food. 🙂 much better than McDonald’s.