Introducing Myself To CC

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Aug 12, 2013
Greetings, human beings on Christian chat. :) now, my account may say it's been on for awhile, but I only made it then and just started using it this week. I have been using other places to chat and such that weren't really Christian places. I'm deeply into the Lord. It's basically impossible to talk to me one day and not find me talking it thinking about the Lord. Constantly I'm doing everything for him and thinking of him. Yet... I know we all have crazy lives, we are all born as sinners in a world that evil is all around the world everyday since basically the beginning. Still, no one had ever told me their life stories and their problems being like mine. I am saved by Jesus, yet... I came to him not by being in a church building and hearing preaching or the bible from others, not by being really young, not by just believing it doing good works, and to really understand what brought me to want to be saved it will be a very long story that no one cares to hear, but it was being by myself in suffering. And I needed the Lord. I still don't have any true friends, I'm 22, I'm believe I'll always be single for many reasons that I can explain if you'd like me to, I have been homeless awhile and may be very soon, maybe not. That is in God's hands right now. I'm a very different person. People really think I just mean I'm not like most people, or that I just am saying that, no one really gets it until they see it and literally everyone finds out eventually that I do things they have never heard of, seen or even saw such a thing on history creations of tv programs. I am extremely emotional, not really everyone is so emotional but of course we have our times no matter who we are. It's very difficult to understand me for almost everyone, I have met hundreds of people and literally only 1 is a guy who can talk to me and understand this I am trying to say. Even when I say no, people think I mean yes, same thing around. I hope to always find someone I can talk to, and the Lord has given me quite a heart to love and to understand others, but it's hard for them to love and understand me. Many Christian's these days can show love to many people, but not one keeps me in their life just by how I look, how I talk (not even insulting or cursing, or fussing, etc.), I can even lose jobs in less than 3 hours just because I stay quiet and sweep the floors and people think I'm going to murder them or myself when I didn't even say it do anything bad! Many things I say and do are very hard to believe, and when it comes to what I show people of who I am and my life they become speechless and don't know what to do or think. With all my years of such differences and history good and bad, I've put out many of my feelings in my heart into years if writing books, hundreds of poems, thousands of pictures (mostly anime characters), and other things. Am not anti social, but no one barely likes to talk to me. And ever since I was a baby, I've been seeking love, truth, real life, purpose, friendship, simply everything that matters. And I find without God in anything, nothing really matters, it's just vanity then. I will talk forever with you and can for hours straight. I really do have all day and night to these days. I hope some of you will at least give me a message or something so we can try to socialize and talk about almost anything. The parts where people usually start to dislike me though, is how I'm always straight with you and completely honest and I won't hide any feelings if you truly want to see them. I love to answer questions, and it's not that I'm a show off, but I like to only show my creations to people who truly want to understand me, because just talking to me takes forever to understand depending how you talk to me. I've said quite a lot here, yet this is just a simply introduction stating that I'm here and I hope things go well so I will still be interested in being on this site for awhile. :)


Welcome to CC :)


Well, you're welcome here, my friend. I'm sorry you've been feeling so isolated. I won't claim that I know exactly what you're going through cos I don't know you that well yet. But you're welcome to message Also I like writing too, and we writers have to stick together. :)


Senior Member
Jan 22, 2013
Hello and welcome, delighted to have you here. God Bless.