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New member
Apr 3, 2020
Dear people,

I am not entirely sure what to post here nor do I have an excellent reason for coming here.

It is my belief that Jezus did indeed save my life.

I was eighteen and my life seemed to be coming to an end.
My doctor had informed me that my chances of becoming a paraplegic were quite high and that death was a possibility.
I shouldn't travel or exercise he said.
Quite shocking... quite shocking indeed.
Young and naive as I was I had felt invincible till this point.
And this was the first time I considered the possibility of imediate death.

So in my moment of darkness I was about ready to do myself in.
In a mix of self despise and pity I asked myself, Is this all there is?
Is this where it ends?

Then it hit me, like a bullet, like lighting maybe "this" is not all there is.

I had joked about the possibility of a god, and looked down upon those who dared to belief any absolute.
But never had I considered in my radical cynical and nihilistic state truly that prayer could make a change.

Deciding that I had nothing to lose I decided to pray one last time before turning off the lights for good.

When I spoke those words of prayer, I turned myself to god as those preaching the gospel in an attempt to save my soul had so often reccomended, I spoke with doubt but with sincerity.

I now so fondly remember my words: "God if you exist, please do not allow me to die, I will be loyal to you and do everything to be good if you allow me to live and help me to not be paralyzed". It was then as in an half hearted attempt to end it, that I had a sudden change of heart.

As I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, I realized that for the prayer to work I would have to follow it's promise, and wait and see.

And so I did.

I am writing this to you 3 years after the incident.

I am now happy to say that I have become healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Altough I have not been completely clean of sin, I have tried and turned to jezus more and more for forgiveness and strength. I have achieved many goals and have in many ways improved beyond my wildest dreams.

I have not become paralyzed and the ilness is completely gone.

My new doctor proclaimed it a miracle, and yes indeed it was. The recovery was not easy, it took years of dedication, physio therapy, meditation and dicipline. But in the end with the help of the lord I have succeeded.

If you have read all that I have just written I must salute your perseverance.

I could have given you a more general introduction, but I felt that the most compelling way to connect to other christians was to give my tale of salvation.

Sincerely yours,



Senior Member
Feb 22, 2018
Hello, Julien, and welcome! Congratulations on your salvation! :cool:


Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
Welcome Julien to CC and that's a very inspiring intro. I hope to hear more from you on the other forums and don't worry, we all have our temptations we are dealing with. Nice to meet you from SoCal to the Netherlands, God bless you!