Academic integity

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Jul 23, 2014
Hi brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm in desperate need of prayer atm. For my intro to stats class the last day to take an exam was today and our professor is not really useful because of the fact that almost everyone fails her exams. This is the first time that I went to the testing center with some notes because I was desperate and trusted her online practice exam to help(which it did not). Mind you I had been studying all day and the notes that I had didn't even help. I got caught and the lady calmly took my notes away and didn't tell me anything. My heart was racing and I was at lost for words...I don't know what to do and had been saying God help me in my heart when that happened(around 7:50-8:00 p.m) and I'm still saying it.

I know that I got myself into this mess but I'm really scared. This is the first time that this has happened to me. Please pray for me..this whole week has just been so rough.


I'll be praying for you sis. Stats is a very hard course. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just learn from the experience and be prepared next time. If you cannot figure it out at all, is there a math center you can get tutoring from? Or maybe talk to the Professor personally. I know what has helped me with math is going to Khan Academy. It's all free. I taught myself remedial math there and I didn't have to take it in college. Here is a link. You will be okay. I cheated in 10th grade...geometry. I was caught too, thank God my teacher was a sweet old man...he let me retake the exam after I apologized the next day. But I l learned that I never wanted to do that again. :eek:


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord bless Jesus_Loves_You, in this matter, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!


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Apr 20, 2016
Praying for Understanding


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Mar 30, 2018
Dear Jesus, please turn this week around for the better for sister Jesus Loves You. May the lady who took the papers, or a teacher be gentle, understanding and offer helpful counsel to Jesus Loves You. Let the matter be cleared up quickly and put in the past. Good lessons learned from the situation. May Jesus Loves You receive all the support she may need. Please Help the professors in their work too, that the lessons are helpful for students and conducive to fruitful learning. Help Jesus Loves You in this whole matter Jesus, thanks so much Lord for caring about us, Amen.