Can I ask you to pray for several strangers?

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Junior Member
Dec 20, 2017
Pray that Matthew G is healed of his addictions to drugs and to alcohol. Pray that a protective hedge is placed around Matthew protecting him emotionally, physically, and spiritually from those who would provide him with drugs and alcohol, or support his use of drugs or alcohol including the married woman he is in a codependent relationship with. Alienate him from those people and from her, divide him from those people and from her. Fill Matthew with the holy spirit and remove from all of the lies, denials, justifications, and bindings keeping him in that relationship with another mans wife while his own family receives no support or contact from him. Pray for him to be healed and for him to heed Gods call for him to return to his family to honor his parents, and their wisdom, to support his daughter, to support his family, and to fulfill his promises to his family and to God to be an honorable and god fearing man and to support his family. Pray also that Cassandra the married woman is healed and that she returns to her husband Thomas.

Its a prayer I ave been praying for months and I have been sending it around the world for others to pray for; so please if you can, and feel brave send it to your local intercessors please.
Feb 5, 2017
Where can I find a protective hedge, that's an interesting thought :)


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord we bring these people before you please touch and bless their live. Lord let Matthew G, die to the world thing and be born of spirit and follow Jesus. Lord we pray for cassandra, please heal her. Lord bless these people's live and family. Let them return to their own family. Lord let you shine and be glorified in their live. Lord have mercy upon them and redeem them. In Jesus loving name, Amen!


Junior Member
Dec 20, 2017
In the old testament; I do not remember which book. And nothing like Monty pythons shrubberies.
Dec 31, 2017

Jesus give all of them your holy spirit and reveal your ways to them.

Thank you Lord


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
your 'heartfelt Prayers are more that enough for our Saviour to hear,..,
if they are truly from your heart,,,but, of course, our prayers for others
are always heard by our Heavenly Father, IF the are sincere...


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Lord, please bless Matthew, Cassandra, and heal them and help them return back to their families and to you. In Jesus' name, amen..