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Jul 24, 2019
I have been wondering why the world is completely shut down because of Coronavirus. From my knowledge of the book of Revelation, this is just the beginning of what we will meet in future. Those who will die in this world will live again. Look at what is killing us
1. Hunger= 15000 people/year
2. Suicide= 200000 people/year
3. Accident= 240000 people/year
4. Alcohol = 440000 people/year
5. Smoking =880000 people/year
6. Abortion = 7.5 million people/year.
From statistics, 150000 people die everyday, making a total of 54million people in a year. If we add abortion, it will be 61million people a year. That is 1 million more than the population of Italy or it could mean that everybody in about 4 countries in Africa died every year.

Fear is our greatest problem. If we go down memory lane, we have the following diseases, more dangerous than coronavirus that almost wipe out the population.
2000= Y2K
2001= Anthrax
2002= west Nile virus
2003= SARS
2005= Bird flu
2006= E Coli
2008= bad economy
2009= swine flu
2010= BP Oil
2012= Mayan Calendar
2013= North Korea Nuclear plan
2014= Ebola virus
2015= Disney Measles and ISIS
2016= Zika virus
2020= Coronavirus

Let us look at live in this way, those who will die in this world will live for God. I encourage everyone to read the book of Revelation and find out where there belong.

The devil is using fear to manipulate us. Stay strong it thr lord and it shall be well with you.

I don't care who you are or what you have. What matter most is for us to look carefully and know where we belong and what the future holds for us. You money, car, social status and other earthly possessions may be an asset now but one the other side of live, vanity upon vanity. God bless you



Well-known member
Jul 10, 2018
I'm praying that God will take control over the panic situation. May His love and wisdom be upon His children. Blessings to you, Lloyd.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
Lord, we pray for deliverance for this brother in Christ. You are merciful and forgiving. If his countrymen who know You will humble themselves and pray, seek Your face, and turn from their wicked ways.. You will hear from heaven, forgive, and heal their land. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.